BuddyPress Dev Updates

Dev Chat Summaries as of July 5, 2017

BP 2.9 Schedule


Note: Per hnla’s BP 2.9 beta 2 announcement, bp-nouveau inclusion to core was moved to BP 3.0

Commits included tackling various tickets & help from dcavins, slaFFix, mercime, r-a-y, and DJPaul:

BuddyPress Team at WordCamp Europe 2017

From left to right: Laurens Offereins (Offereins), Slava Abakumov (slaffik), Boone B Gorges (boonebgorges), Mathieu Viet (imath), and Henry Wright (henry.wright). BuddyPress team members pose in front of “Pietro”, the BP 2.4.0 release pizza place. (Photo courtesy of Mathieu Viet)

Slack logs:
June 21: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RQBYUG/p1498072419097887
June 28: https://wordpress.slack.com/messages/C02RQBYUG/p1498676590270915
July 5: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RQBYUG/p1499281475578336