BP Dev-Chat Agenda

Hi everyone !

Let’s meet at 19:00 UTC on next Wednesday (12th of June) in #BuddyPress to talk about the 5.0.0 release. Here are the topics I’d like we discuss about during this meeting.


To follow up with our last summary : it will be our main focus/feature for this release and we need to decide about:

  • Endpoints coverage.
  • The tool to use to generate the endpoints documentation.
  • BP Core API Usage : see 8045
  • Build process: as the BP Rest API will carry on be maintained from our GitHub repository, we need to update our build process to include needed files in the BuddyPress plugin’s package.

Tickets on the 5.0.0 roadmap

9 tickets are in the queue, let’s decide the ones we’ll fix/close before completing our milestone.

If you need/want to discuss about other topics, don’t hesitate to add them in comments 👍