BP Dev Chat Agenda: November 13, 2019

Hi BuddyPress contributors!

This is the agenda for our next Dev Chat which will happen this Wednesday at 18:00 UTC (tomorrow!!) in #BuddyPress. Please note we’ve changed our meeting’s time to 18:00 UTC.

  1. 5.1.0
    • 5.1.0-beta was published on November 6, let’s schedule 5.1.0 release.
  2. BP Beta Tester
    • Have you tested it? Is it ready to be published on the WordPress.org plugins directory ? FYI, I’ve just released a 1.0.0-RC.
  3. 6.0.0
  4. BuddyPress.org
    • #8153 BuddyPress survey for 2019.
    • #5525 Move BP Devel (this site) to Make.BuddyPress.org

If you have anything you wish to add (or remove) to this agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

#5-0-0, #6-0-0