BP Dev Chat Summary: February 12, 2020

BuddyPress Survey

@mercime shared her progress about her first pass on the BuddyPress survey for 2020 (see #8153). She prepared 16 questions.

  • We’ll use CrowdSignal to publish the survey.
  • On a side note @johnjamesjacoby suggested BuddyPress could have a lightweight Questionnaire component, @im4th believes it’s a great idea !
  • @mercime shared with all of us the questions she worked on after the dev-chat. Please take some time to review it before our next dev-chat

BuddyPress dev-chat are maintained on every other wednesday at 1900 UTC.

Unfortunately @espellcaste can’t join us on all the alternative days of week we’ve found into the doodle 😦 As the result it doesn’t worth changing our dev-chat meeting day/time.

6.0.0 Progress

@dcavins is making good progress about Network invites (#8139). He’s getting some inspiration from the Invite Anyone plugin. @im4th asked if it would be possible to invite a user not yet registered to the site to join it using a group invite, and the reply is yes 🙌

@im4th confirmed BuddyPress 6.0.0 will ship 2 Blocks and shared his progress about the Group Block. Here are 3 early screenshots of how it could look like :

The team also shared their thoughts about whether we should ship the JavaScript built blocks or include the complete JavaScript source files into trunk and build the Production scripts from there. At the minimum we’ll need to move to using WP CLI to generate our POT file so that JavaScript translations are available within GlotPress. @im4th will work on this asap from this trac ticket #8048.

Finaly we’ve talked about the fact the project behind the JavaScript library we are using for our suggestions feature is no longer maintained. We shared thoughts about moving to the Tribute library and using the BP REST API instead of AJAX. So far there are no impacts on the suggestions feature and we are taking some more time to think about it, having in mind we could also benefit from the BP AutoCompleter React component we’ve built for our 2 BP Blocks.

6.0.0 schedule & main features

  • Schedule:
    • First beta at the end of march.
    • Final release at the end of April.
  • Main Features:
    • BP REST API remaining endpoints
    • BP Blocks ✅
    • Network invitation & Membership requests
    • & maybe some surprises!

Next dev chat

It will happen in 2 days on February 26 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress.

PS1: sorry it took me so long to write this summary 😬

PS2: if you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!