BP Dev-Chat summary: june 17, 2020

6.1.0 Maintenance release

@im4th will package this maintenance release next Monday (July 29).

7.0.0 development cycle

The call for tickets is now closed. Many thanks to all the contributors who replied to it 😍

BuddyPress.org / BuddyPress theme

We agreed with @mercime about how it’s best to work on this:

  • the BuddyPress.org redesign & the BuddyPress theme are 2 separate projects.
  • the BuddyPress theme project will kick off around august once WordPress 5.5 will be released and will land after WordPress 5.6 will be released to enjoy full site editing.
  • the BuddyPress.org redesign will start asap and the project will use progressive iterations. the VVV WP Meta environment will be needed to contribute.
  • @vapvarun will be able thanks to a GitHub repository @JJJ will set up. @mercime will commit changes on the Meta SVN repository.
  • This blog will be used to share progress about the BuddyPress.org redesign project. A kick off post about it will soon be published.

Updates about 7.0.0’s milestone

Please join us to congratulate @immeet94 first code contribution to BuddyPress: #8315 is now fixed thanks to him.

To make it easier to new contributors to quickly get a testing environment to work on patches we’re discussing about including @wordpress/env to our building tools: #8317. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it. During our meeting we’ve been talking about Docker’s compatibility with MS Windows powered computers.

We are also thinking at raising our WordPress required version to 4.9: #8318

Finally @im4th shared about the work he’s been doing about introducing a Block Based Activity post form. A detailed PR is available on the BP Blocks GitHub repository and you can also read this WP Tavern great post about it.

7.0.0 Release Schedule

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on July 1st at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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