Administration screens to manage Group and Member types are arriving 🙌

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Member types were introduced in version 2.2 and Group Types arrived in 2.6. These two BP types let BuddyPress developers and advanced users organize the members and the groups of their community site in smaller populations according to something they have in common. The site of an open source project could use Member types to inform about who is a maintainer, a committer, a lead etc.

So far BuddyPress types registration was only happening using code within a plugin, a must use plugin, a theme or a bp-custom.php file.

WP Dashboard

In BuddyPress 7.0.0 site administrators will be able to add, edit or delete Member and Group types using their WordPress Administration Screens just like they would do for Post tags.

The member type administration screens are available from a “Users” submenu and the Group ones from a “Groups” submenu as shown into the above screen capture.

Adding a type

Updating a type

Deleting a type

Some types cannot be deleted?

Types registered using code can only be edited. To delete such a type, you’ll need to deactivate the Plugin/Theme or remove the custom code generating the BP Type first.

PS: all above screen captures are showing Member type Administration Screens. Group type ones are very similar. The only differences are the available fields to customize the type behavior.

Want to play ahead with these Administration Screens?

You can test them from our development version. If you find some bugs or possible improvements, don’t hesitate to contribute to this feature. Tickets and patches are very welcome.

Interested about the feature’s development story?

  • You can read the Member Type’s Admin UI story from this ticket #7181.
  • You can read the Group Type’s Admin UI story from this ticket #7179.


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