BP Dev-Chat Summary: October 7, 2020

7.0.0 cycle updates

@vapvarun announced he will work on 2 tickets in the coming weeks:

  • Multiple member types users table issue (See #8292)
  • Field Visibility Not Honored in PHP 7.1 & above (See #8093)

@dcavins committed fixes, shortly after the dev-chat, to the 2 tickets he assigned himself to during our previous dev chat:

  • The function groups_get_invites_for_user() can return inconsistent total (See #8297)
  • bp_has_groups() should accept status parameter (See #8310)

@im4th informed he will work on the following points during this week:

  • Introduce 3 new BP Blocks into BuddyPress core (See #8369)
  • Fix some issues slated for the 7.0.0 milestone
  • Package the 7.0.0 first beta release (October 15, as initially scheduled)

7.0.0 release schedule

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15 👈 🥁
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st

Open floor

@vapvarun is working on making his BuddyX awesome standalone BuddyPress theme hosted on the official WordPress Themes directory. 👨🏾‍🎨

We’ve been talking about the Full Site Editing WordPress feature (announced to be included into WordPress 5.6).

And finally @im4th asked everyone to start thinking about the Pizza restaurant name we will use to name our 7.0.0 release. If you have ideas about it, don’t hesitate to submit them into these post comments 🍕.

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