BP Dev-Chat Summary: November 18, 2020

6.4.0 “PHP 8.0” compatibility release

BuddyPress 6.4.0 has been released yesterday, as we’ve been discussing during the development meeting, it includes fixes to PHP 8.0 deprecated notices for BP Core & BP REST. It also includes a security fix. Read more about this release.

7.0.0 release tasks progress

BP REST API documentation updates@im4th100%
BP Survey results@im4th0%
7.0.0 Release note@vapvarun40%
7.0.0 Credits update:
– BuddyPress Trac
– BP REST GitHub repository


7.0.0 Pizza Restaurant name@dcavins🤫
7.0.0 Announcement post@im4th20%

@vapvarun has been working on the release note, the remaining things to write is the changelog. @johnjamesjacoby removed the link to the BP Survey on our official site, @im4th needs to write a post about the results and publish it on BuddyPress.org asap.

7.0.0 first release candidate

We’ve spent the rest of the meeting working on getting the 7.0.0-RC1release ready:

  • @dcavins reviewed the Hello Screen texts 😍 (#8376).
  • @im4th worked on improving the Activity Embed block instructions (#8397) as only public activities can be embed into a post or a page.
  • @vapvarun tested #8394.
  • Finally we decided to include the feature to list the displayed Member’s Member Types into their profile header (#8394) as the poll @im4th made on Twitter got 83% votes for 🙌.

7.0.0-RC1 has been released 2 days late (November 20) according to the initial schedule. It’s an important step, BuddyPress plugin/theme authors should really test their piece of work against it so that our users can fully enjoy 7.0.0. If you find a bug, please open a ticket to report it on our Trac environment or use this support topic.

RC1 also marks the string freeze point of the 7.0.0 release schedule. So we will not add/edit or delete i18n strings until 7.0.0 is released. Just like what we did for 6.0.0, we will credit people who contributed to translating BuddyPress into as many languages as possible. Don’t hesitate to join the effort!

Here’s 7.0.0 (development column on GlotPress) translation tops so far:

English 🇬🇧100%
Romanian 🇷🇴100%
French 🇫🇷100%
Chinese 🇨🇳99%
Czech 🇨🇿98%

7.0.0 release schedule update

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on December 4 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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