BP Dev-Chat summary: January 20, 2021

8.0.0 Preps

Features whishlist

  • Invitation to join a BuddyPress community (Network invitations #8139)
  • Edit/display WordPress user fields form BP Profiles (#7162)
  • Welcome email on account activation (#8428)
  • BP Mentions @.JS review (#8001)
  • Build/test tools: use GitHub Actions for CI (#8421) & WP PHP Code Standards (#7228)
  • Attachments for BuddyPress (#8022)

Release regularity

We’ve discussed about trying to build a release each four months. There might be downsides doing so such as the time component could become more important than the new code or the quality of it. We’ll see how it works for 8.0.0 before making it a “rule” for this year releases. So here’s the expected schedule for 8.0.0:

  • 8.0.0-beta1: March 31
  • 8.0.0: April 30.

Release lead

This is something we haven’t talked about for the last 2 releases. @im4th checked if one of us was interested in leading the 8.0.0 release. As no one is confident enough about their available spare time to be able to take this responsibility, @im4th will lead “coordinate” this new release 😉.

Dev-chats time

19:00 UTC is not ideal for @im4th during winters but at the same time it’s very late for @vapvarun. So we agreed to make dev-chats end at the same hour 20:00 UTC, but starts 30 minutes later. We’ll simply need to make sure to drop by to add to the agenda/ask questions the day before. So we’ll try to meet each other wednesdays during 30 minutes at 19:30 UTC 🕢. If it doesn’t match our needs, we’ll be able to revert to 🕖

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on February 3 at 19:30 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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