March 3rd Dev-Chat summary & March 17 Dev-Chat agenda

It’s been 2 busy weeks!

Hi everyone, sorry this summary is published very late (the day we’re having another development meeting). We’ve been working hard on improving the security of BP REST API fixing some vulnerabilities. The BuddyPress 7.2.1 security release was published yesterday and we strongly encourage you to update your copy of BuddyPress, from versions 5.0.0 to version 7.2.0, to this 7.2.1 version. If you are using the BP REST plugin, make sure to merge your branches with upstream’s master, 0.3, 0.2 or 0.1 branch to get these fixes into your clones.

March 3rd summary

  • @dcavins worked on the Network invites #8139
  • @im4th is annoyed by the fact the Tribute library cannot include mentions into the WP Editor, replacing At/Who JavaScript Libraries by Tribute would mean a regression for the BP Nouveau Messages UI (#8001). @dcavins is ok with punting this ticket if we think it’s a blocker.
  • @im4th also shared his concern about Jcrop (we use it into the Avatar UI), which is full of deprecated jQuery code.
  • @vapvarun shared his opinion about ways to progress on #6071 the “Superfield” using repeaters (like ACF), but it doesn’t seem doable during the 8.0.0 milestone (not enough time), @imath promised he would try to look into it if we can make a smaller step before the end of March.
  • #4747 seems more doable (a profile field to manage pages needing acceptance, eg: terms of service, code of conduct). @vapvarun shared a patch about it and @im4th gave some first feebacks about it.
  • @im4th made some progress about #7162 (Edit WordPress fields on front-end via new xProfile field types) and is confident he’ll be able to start committing parts of the patch to help making progress on #4747.

March 17 Dev-Chat Agenda

It will happen on March 17 at 19:30 UTC (in a few minutes 😱 ) and of course in #BuddyPress. Here’s our agenda :

Let’s focus on 8.0.0! We have 2 weeks left before first beta.

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