June 9 Dev-Chat summary & June 23 Dev-Chat agenda

Hi everyone, sorry this summary is published very late (the day before we’re having another development meeting).

June 9 Dev-Chat summary

  • 8.0.0 was released on June 7.
  • Download spike for it happened on June 8 and reached ~27.000 downloads, but I believe we can include the 12.000 packages that were downloaded on release day. The total amount of downloads just after release is 39373.
  • As @vapvarun said: “We did not break anything big” 😅.
  • First issues are about the brand new Members Invitations feature:
    • It looks like some BuddyPress plugins are running some code before BuddyPress is fully ready.
    • It looks like some template overrides made by plugins or themes forgot to update their template pack to include this feature new templates.
    • The 2 above points could have been avoided if their plugin/theme authors had tested our beta/RC releases… That’s why we always ask you for help during our pre-release periods. The more we all test, the best will be the final release.
    • Thanks for @dcavins investigations about these first issues.
  • There will be a 8.1.0 release soon, unless we do a short 9.0.0 release cycle. @im4th would like us to try to have our legacy Widgets migrated as blocks as soon as WordPress 5.8 is released (it is slated to July 20). He’s been working on these 8 new blocks form our BP Blocks GH repository. So far 4 legacy widgets have their corresponding blocks, you can follow his progress (and of course help him) from this GH issue.
  • @vapvarun & @im4th discussed about the BP Attachments Plugin: the goal is to include the User Attachments feature or build a new plugin by the end of the year. The new plugin path is an option considering the various plugins playing into this area.
  • @im4th would also like to progress on migrating BP’s custom URI parser to use WP’s Rewrite API (#4954) from a plugin: if you’re interested about it, let’s team up! Let him know you want to join this project pinging him on WordPress Slack (@imath).

June 23 Dev-Chat Agenda

So here’s the question we need to reply to during tomorrow’s development meeting:

So here’s my plan: July 16 is my birthday and WP 5.8 is slated to July 20. What about releasing BP 9.0 on July 16 with only blocks (and some other fixes of course) ?

@im4th on June 9

It will happen on June 23 at 19:30 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress.

If you have specific/additional points you need to discuss about, please share them into the comments area of this post.

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