BP Dev-Chat Summary : October 20, 2021.

10.0.0 Progress

During this development meeting we talked about two specific tickets:

#8451 Extending no content activities with images and call to actions

First @vapvarun opened a discussion about the best way to store member/group profile photos &/or profile cover images when making the generated activities about it richer (eg: Admin changed their profile picture). As BuddyPress only keeps the « latest version » of these images, we identified these options:

  • Use base64 encoded images into the content of the activity: it seems more engaging for the community as we keep a real story about these changes. But it may be problematic for large images + what happens if a user edits many times in a row his profile/cover image?
  • Do nothing, the older activities would show the latest profile/cover image. It’s less engaging, we rewrite the past in a way… But it’s a lot more easier 😅
  • Delete the older activities to only keep the latest one to be consistent with the profile/cover image.

If you have an opinion/ideas about it, feel free to share it as a comment to this post or the ticket: #8451.

#8582 Add site membership requests

@im4th shared his concern about how the feature should behave on Multisite configs. We discussed about how WordPress deals with the registration option in this case and their meaning: accounts can be created (1), accounts & sites can be created (2), existing users can create sites (3) and registration is disabled (4). @dcavins and actually us 3 agreed on the fact the site membership requests feature should only be available for cases (3) & (4).

We also talked about the non-Multisite configs registration process which can be misleading in WordPress as accounts are actually created into the Users table. For this feature we need to forget about the fact these data are available as they are not in Multisite and advanced users can use a specific constant to skip the WordPress account creation.

Please help us progress about the site membership requests feature sharing your thoughts or testing the patch attached to this ticket: #8582.

10.0.0 schedule

  • 10.0.0-beta 1: ~ november 20, 2021,
  • 10.0.0 stable: ~ december 24, 2021 🎄

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen tomorrow, November 3rd at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. We’ll publish its agenda shortly!

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