BP Dev-Chat Summary : December 8, 2021.

10.0.0 Progress

#8582 Add site membership requests

@dcavins fixed the multisite issues about the feature, @im4th confirmed the fixes made the feature works as expected on the WordPress multisite config. @dcavins decided to add complementary explanations about how the feature deals with multisite registration options. He committed the code yesterday and BuddyPress 10.0.0 is now offering a Site Membership Request feature 🙌. Congratulations to @dcavins 💪.

#8451 Extending no content activities with images and call of actions

@vapvarun brought some nice improvements about how we load activity types template part and also added some new layouts for “no-content” activities. @im4th still had to finish the Avatar Recycle UI so that users can reuse a previously uploaded avatar or permanently delete a previously uploaded avatar.

#8148 Extend WordPress Plugins screen to allow Admins to easily install features as a plugin

@johnjamesjacoby added the BP Beta Tester plugin to the BuddyPress WP.org user favorites so that we have a first BuddyPress Add-on into the new WP Admin “Add New” plugin screen. The ticket is now closed and we’ll soon be able to publish new add-ons like the BP Rewrites plugin to the WordPress.org Plugin directory. Here’s a preview of this new screen:

Other tickets needing attention

  • @vapvarun will have a look to #7540 to try to have it fixed before the 10.0.0 stable release.

10.0.0 schedule

We’re adding the very final touches to the first 10.0.0 beta release… get ready for it!

  • 10.0.0-beta1: in a few of hours 👈
  • 10.0.0 stable: January 5, 2022 🎯

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen next week on December 15 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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