BP Dev-Chat Agenda July 20, 2022


Our development meeting will happen on July 20 at 19:30 UTC (tomorrow) and of course in #BuddyPress. Here’s our agenda:

  • 11.0.0 Trac tickets almost ready to be committed:
    • #8687 Change the way we load deprecated functions
    • #8679 only load Template packs assets in BuddyPress pages.
    • #8052 Improve new_blog_post activity type content
  • 11.0.0 Trac tickets needing feedbacks:
    • #8604 Richer logging activities display according to context.
    • #8643 .webp image support for user profile images & user cover images.
    • #4535 Avoid loading duplicates when clicking on the Load More button.
  • BP reNouveau (see #8722) & BP Activity Block Editor first demos!!!

About the last point on our agenda, we’ll try to use the Slack Group DM’s Audio/Video/Screen sharing tool. If you want me to add you to this group chat, don’t hesitate to say hi! at the beginning of our public dev-chat.

If you have specific/additional points you need to discuss about, please share them into the comments area of this post.


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