March 3rd Dev-Chat summary & March 17 Dev-Chat agenda

It’s been 2 busy weeks!

Hi everyone, sorry this summary is published very late (the day we’re having another development meeting). We’ve been working hard on improving the security of BP REST API fixing some vulnerabilities. The BuddyPress 7.2.1 security release was published yesterday and we strongly encourage you to update your copy of BuddyPress, from versions 5.0.0 to version 7.2.0, to this 7.2.1 version. If you are using the BP REST plugin, make sure to merge your branches with upstream’s master, 0.3, 0.2 or 0.1 branch to get these fixes into your clones.

March 3rd summary

  • @dcavins worked on the Network invites #8139
  • @im4th is annoyed by the fact the Tribute library cannot include mentions into the WP Editor, replacing At/Who JavaScript Libraries by Tribute would mean a regression for the BP Nouveau Messages UI (#8001). @dcavins is ok with punting this ticket if we think it’s a blocker.
  • @im4th also shared his concern about Jcrop (we use it into the Avatar UI), which is full of deprecated jQuery code.
  • @vapvarun shared his opinion about ways to progress on #6071 the “Superfield” using repeaters (like ACF), but it doesn’t seem doable during the 8.0.0 milestone (not enough time), @imath promised he would try to look into it if we can make a smaller step before the end of March.
  • #4747 seems more doable (a profile field to manage pages needing acceptance, eg: terms of service, code of conduct). @vapvarun shared a patch about it and @im4th gave some first feebacks about it.
  • @im4th made some progress about #7162 (Edit WordPress fields on front-end via new xProfile field types) and is confident he’ll be able to start committing parts of the patch to help making progress on #4747.

March 17 Dev-Chat Agenda

It will happen on March 17 at 19:30 UTC (in a few minutes 😱 ) and of course in #BuddyPress. Here’s our agenda :

Let’s focus on 8.0.0! We have 2 weeks left before first beta.

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BP Dev-Chat Agenda March 3, 2021


Please join our development meeting tomorrow March 3 at 19:30 UTC. It will happen in #BuddyPress. During 30 minutes, we will discuss about our progress on the 8.0.0 milestone. As a reminder, the first beta is scheduled for the end of the month 😱. Here’s the 8.0.0 schedule:

  • 8.0.0-beta1: March 31
  • 8.0.0 stable release: April 30.

If you have specific/additional points you need to discuss about, please share them into the comments area of this post.

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BP Dev-Chat summary: January 20, 2021

8.0.0 Preps

Features whishlist

  • Invitation to join a BuddyPress community (Network invitations #8139)
  • Edit/display WordPress user fields form BP Profiles (#7162)
  • Welcome email on account activation (#8428)
  • BP Mentions @.JS review (#8001)
  • Build/test tools: use GitHub Actions for CI (#8421) & WP PHP Code Standards (#7228)
  • Attachments for BuddyPress (#8022)

Release regularity

We’ve discussed about trying to build a release each four months. There might be downsides doing so such as the time component could become more important than the new code or the quality of it. We’ll see how it works for 8.0.0 before making it a “rule” for this year releases. So here’s the expected schedule for 8.0.0:

  • 8.0.0-beta1: March 31
  • 8.0.0: April 30.

Release lead

This is something we haven’t talked about for the last 2 releases. @im4th checked if one of us was interested in leading the 8.0.0 release. As no one is confident enough about their available spare time to be able to take this responsibility, @im4th will lead “coordinate” this new release 😉.

Dev-chats time

19:00 UTC is not ideal for @im4th during winters but at the same time it’s very late for @vapvarun. So we agreed to make dev-chats end at the same hour 20:00 UTC, but starts 30 minutes later. We’ll simply need to make sure to drop by to add to the agenda/ask questions the day before. So we’ll try to meet each other wednesdays during 30 minutes at 19:30 UTC 🕢. If it doesn’t match our needs, we’ll be able to revert to 🕖

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on February 3 at 19:30 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat Agenda: February 3, 2021

Our next #BuddyPress developer meeting is scheduled on February 3 at 19:30 UTC (tomorrow). This will be our first 30 mins long dev-chat since we’ve decided to start 30 mins later and to end at the same time. Let’s try to be on time and as @dcavins suggested, let’s use the comment area of this post to prepare the specific points we want to discuss during our meeting. I’ll start to follow this suggestion by adding one comment as soon as this agenda is published 😉

Here’s our agenda:

  • 7.2.0 Maintenance release
  • 8.0.0 progress


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BP Dev-Chat summary: January 6, 2021

BuddyPress 8.0.0’s kick off

Unfortunately, the meeting started 30 mins later than scheduled, so we were not able to talk about all the scheduled points. @johnjamesjacoby congratulated the great work the team has accomplished during the 7.0 development cycle and the recent updates we’ve published on the’s blog.

Features / bug fixes wishlist

The call for tickets is now closed (it ended on January 13), the least we can say is it didn’t gather much wishes 😬. @im4th seems to be motivated to progress on the BP Attachments’ front, 8.0.0 might be a good milestone to have some user media feature included into BuddyPress core.

@slaffik shared his concerns about introducing the Activity scheduling feature (#7953). He thinks it should be handled by a BuddyPress plugin rather than be included into Core.

He and @im4th agreed on the fact we should deprecate the BuddyBar into this development cycle (#7729). @rayisme ‘s patch was very close to make it during the 6.0.0 release, let’s have it done!

We then talked about continuous integration and build tools. The Travis CI (.org) shutting down announcement with no specific date is concerning. @im4th has tested the Travis CI (.com) migration with 2 of his free and open source plugins and is now requested to pay for the service after a bunch of builds done. The documentation about the migration seems to be a bit misleading about this subject. @slaffik is going to work on moving to GitHub Actions (#8421) 😍 . He also opened a ticket to modernize our composer.json file (#8420). He and @im4th are thinking we should start working on WP Code Standards (#7228).

Next Dev-Chat

Let’s carry on talking about 8.0.0 during our next dev-chat: it will happen on January 20 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BuddyPress 8.0.0: Call for Tickets

BuddyPress 7.0.0 was released on December 9, 2020. We did the 7.0.0 release review during our latest “dev-chat”, just before the end of the year we shared with you a wrap-up post about 2020, today we’re inviting you to contribute to 8.0.0’s kick-off by replying to this call for tickets.

The priorities of the BuddyPress community matter, please let us know what:

  • bug(s) you’d like to get fixed for 8.0.0?
  • improvement(s) you’d like to see in 8.0.0?
  • new feature(s) you’d like to see introduced in 8.0.0?

Share your wish-list!

To do so, you simply need to pick the ticket number(s) you think we should prioritize on from our code source management tool and paste them into this post’s comment form. If you’d like to, you can also share your ideas about the corresponding ticket(s). If some “already shared” tickets are also interesting you: use the ⭐️ Like feature to second them.

You need inspiration?

PS: don’t hesitate to add a new ticket, if you haven’t found a match into the above queries 

PS2: Adding your ticket here won’t necessarily guarantee inclusion. But no one can fix things they can’t see, so bravely share your thoughts!


This call for tickets will end on January 13, but we’ll begin discussing about what we’d like to see in BuddyPress 8.0.0 during our next dev-chat (January 6) : so the sooner you share your wish-list the better!

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BP Dev-Chat Agenda: December 16, 2020

Hi BuddyPress contributors!

Please join the last #BuddyPress developer meeting of the year that will happen on December 16 at 19:00 UTC (tomorrow), here’s our agenda:

  • 7.0.0 release first feedbacks & results
  • Let’s talk about our 8.0.0 wishlist!
  • Open floor

Thanks in advance for your contributions 🤶🏾🎅🏻🎄.

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BP Dev-Chat Summary: December 2, 2020

7.0.0 release tasks progress

We started the dev chat chacking our progress about our next major release tasks.

BP REST API documentation updates@im4th100%
BP Survey results@im4th100%
7.0.0 Release note@vapvarun100%
7.0.0 Credits update:
– BuddyPress Trac
– BP REST GitHub repository
– Translators


7.0.0 Pizza Restaurant name@dcavins🤫
7.0.0 Announcement post@im4th20%

7.0.0 second release candidate

The main goal of this release candidate is to beta test improvements brought to the BP Nouveau’s compatibility with the WordPress 5.6 new default theme “Twenty Twenty-One” (see #8395). @im4th insisted on the fact it was important to make sure text was readable in both modes : dark and light and as the 7.0.0 final release will happen one or two days after WordPress 5.6, it’s important BuddyPress looks nice in Twenty Twenty-One. The initial patch attached to the ticket is using the companion stylesheet feature so that styles are only loaded for this theme or this theme’s child themes.

@vapvarun said he would test the patch asap and that he would probably improve it. That’s what he did a few days after the development meeting.

The RC2 was released very soon after.

7.0.0 release schedule update

  • 7.0.0-RC1: November 20 (string freeze).
  • 7.0.0-RC2: December 2nd
  • 7.0.0: December 9th (asap!)

We still need to finish the announcement post of the release, so we couldn’t have it packaged to the scheduled date 😞. As soon as it is ready, we will package it. Thanks in advance for your comprehension.

Open floor

Topics we’ve been talking about:

  • How to find ways to get more contributors to beta test BuddyPress? @vapvarun suggested:
    • Write a todo list about tasks to achieve for next release (8.0)
    • Improve documentation about BP support for themes
    • Make template customization easier for users (WP FSE?)
  • Possible 8.0 early tasks: #7162 & working on giving more control to the user about the registration form (allowing users to select what xProfile fields to use in this form).
  • What about having a new BP Standalone theme? @johnjamesjacoby shared his wishes about it:
    • a 3 columns bp-default looking “chat app” theme.
    • It’s time to take advantage of all the work that’s gone into BuddyPress since the beginning, and use that to rethink what a “bp-default” looking theme would be today.
    • It should be responsive and use the BP REST API.
  • What about having a BP Specific area into WP Admin to manage every feature?

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on December 16 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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Welcome to BuddyPress Filippi!


BuddyPress 7.0.0 “Filippi” has just been delivered, enjoy it 🍕 ! Thanks again to all contributors who helped us to build it and translate it 😍, here’s the official announcement post:

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BuddyPress 2020 survey results

Hi everyone,

We’ve just published the BuddyPress 2020 survey results, you can check them from our official site:

Many thanks to all participants 😍.