I just looked through the monthly BuddyP…

I just looked through the monthly BuddyPress.org site stats –

655k visits in October 2010, 323k visits in April 2010 (six months ago), and 201k visits in October 2009 (one year ago). That’s some great growth!


The 1.2 branch is now merged with the tr…

The 1.2 branch is now merged with the trunk. Please test it out and report any oddities.

#merge, #trunk

Dev chat is this evening, if there’s an…

Dev chat is this evening, if there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss, please leave a comment.

– Status of 1.2.4 and release date
– Any remaining bugs with 1.2 branch and 3.0 trunk
– Update from Marshall on the new API docs and where to go to discuss that
– BuddyPress.org site
– Status of 1.3


A bit of an update: We’ve finalized the…

A bit of an update:

  • We’ve finalized the 1.3 roadmap. The xprofile improvements and install/upgrade wizard are already quite far along in the trunk.
  • There will be a 1.2.x release hopefully on the same day as WP 3.0 is released that fixes any incompatibilities.
  • I’m working on the new BuddyPress.org which is taking a little longer than expected. Mostly because I wasn’t happy with the first version and started again. 🙂 I’m hoping to get it done within the next week, at least enough to get some of it live.
  • We need to restart a schedule of meetups since it has gone quiet on that front. I think we should do one every two weeks, maybe we can fit one in this evening?

I’ve been looking through the feature r…

I’ve been looking through the feature requests and there are a lot of awesome suggestions, great work everyone.

What do you think about keeping the new features for 1.3 to just one or two? The release of WordPress 3.0 is in April and I’d like to get a new version of BuddyPress released sometime soon after that. The 1.2 branch will be brought up to scratch in time for the release, but I don’t want the next version lagging behind.

I think we can knock off a couple of major requests for 1.3 – basic privacy (limit my profile to friends / followers / not in public listings) and improved XProfile field and group management. These features will be on top of WP3.0 support work and also an improved install/upgrade interface. We could then start the vote post WP3.0/BP1.3.

That also brings up another important point – the new install/upgrade interface. With this new interface I’d like to start highlighting third party themes and plugins more. So for instance in the new installation wizard there will be a final completion step that will highlight some of the most popular BuddyPress plugins. Site admins will be able to select a plugin they are interested in and perhaps even install it right there. Moving forward I strongly feel that BuddyPress should just provide the base feature set and the tools to build fantastic extensions. It’s then possible to start blurring the line between what is “core” and what is not. There’s no reason why the best component extensions can’t be given as much of the spotlight as bundled core components.

Something to think about, feedback welcome.


I’ve started making a list of internal …

I’ve started making a list of internal code improvements and features I’d personally like to add to the list for the next version of BuddyPress, comments very welcome.

  • current_user_can() support
  • Basic Privacy – limit my profile to friends / followers / not in public listings
  • theme_supports() support
  • Generic component extension API
  • Create pages for top level navs instead of hijacking with root components. This would let you move members, groups, blogs, forums etc to a sub page – e.g. /community/groups/
  • Implement a REST API
  • Atom feeds with Activitystrea.ms and PuSH Support
  • Better install / upgrade procedure – wizard like
  • Improved Xprofile field management and advanced search
  • Global search – activity, members, groups, forums, blogs all in one result.

DJPaul – how are we looking for putting together a full list based on community feedback, ready for a vote?

#1-3, #ideas

No time to write a recap – unless someon…

No time to write a recap of the past dev meetup – unless someone wants to volunteer? You can follow the conversation via the log (start here and read up).

Topics for the next meetup? I’ll put fo…

Topics for the next meetup? I’ll put forward a couple:

1. Current 1.2 status, remaining bugs, RC release and target final date.
2. Volunteers for making a BuddyPress theme extension pack for the new 2010 default WP theme (I think this would be pretty awesome).

If you’re a plugin developer, please re…

If you’re a plugin developer, please read this post:

#development, #important, #plugins

Topics for the dev meetup: 1. Status of …

Topics for the dev meetup:

1. Status of beta, bugs, release target.
2. Local sites and putting localization files in the core (bp-languages), string freeze.
3. How to handle broadcasting to plugin developers information on how to update their plugins for 1.2.
4. @reply discussion as per http://buddypress.org/forums/topic/wire-posts-in-bp-12/page/2