In just over a week,…

In just over a week, WordCamp San Francisco happens. As far as BuddyPress goes, some of the BuddyPress core team will be there, and — more importantly — a number of community contributors will be there. :) We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone, old friends and new, and chatting with you about BuddyPress.

WordCamp is on Saturday (and Sunday), and the highlight of the weekend is, without doubt, our very own @boonebgorges‘ session, “Be a Volunteer, not a Martyr: a Practical Guide to Contributing“.

Sunday is split between regular presentations and a Contributor Day. If you’re planning to attend the Contributor Day, would you be interested in learning about the variety of ways that you can help contribute to BuddyPress, and getting the benefit of advice and the experience from existing contributors to help you get started? Let us know.

After the conference has wrapped up, Tuesday and Wednesday will be set aside for contributor team meetups — and BuddyPress will be there, too. :) It’s an opportunity for some of the people from the contributor teams who normally work across the internet to talk face-to-face and enjoy working in each others’ company.

The purpose of this blog post is to invite suggestions that you would like the BuddyPress contributors to discuss while at the event. Questions that are open and prompt further discussion are best. For example, questions about a specific Trac ticket are best to keep on Trac, but open-ended questions like “what is BuddyPress planning to do with media in the future” are fun and would work really well.

So… what’s on your mind? :)

I just wanted to drop…

I just wanted to drop a quick note to mention that in yesterday’s dev chat, we’ve agreed that the BuddyPress #2.2 release cycle will formally start on Oct 25 2014, with the release expected on 28 Jan 2015.

This is gives us more time to explore alternative technical solutions for some of the changes that we’re hoping to include in 2.2. We’re aiming to confirm the major features of the release by around Oct 15 (just about two weeks away).

Another reason for choosing the end of October as a starting point is to coincide with WordCamp San Francisco (WCSF), which some of the BuddyPress team will be attending. Our release cycle often serendipitously syncs up with WCSF; 1.6 was released at 2012’s event, and 1.8 was released about a week before 2013’s event. If you’re also going to WCSF, we’d love to meet you and find out how you’re using BuddyPress. :)

More details to come in #2.2 in a couple of weeks, and we’ll be sure to make it clear how new contributors can get involved.

Info about the cookie encoding change in BuddyPress 2.0.3

If you’re a plugin developer who uses the bp_completed_create_steps cookie, or have otherwise used it to customise your site, please read this important change notification. Otherwise, this change won’t affect you.

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BuddyPress #2.1 Beta 1’s just…

BuddyPress #2.1 Beta 1’s just been released; read the post on for details.

Quick #2.1 update: we’re still…

Quick #2.1 update: we’re still scoping out the big-ticket items for 2.1, and should have more to confirm on in the next week or so, but as of yesterday (May 14th), the 2.1 dev cycle has formally kicked off. Here are the dates for this release’s milestones that we agreed on:

1) “merge” deadline (when major features should be in): July 9th 2014
2) beta: August 6th 2014
3) release: August 27th 2014

If you’re looking to get involved and contribute to BuddyPress, or just learn a bit more about what that entails, I’ll be posting a recap on this blog within the next week, with some easy and productive ways you can help us build and support BuddyPress 2.1.

Grunt coming to BuddyPress after 2.0 release

Shortly after BuddyPress 2.0 is released, we’re going to be updating BuddyPress’ development trunk ( to a Grunt-powered build system. Most people won’t even notice, but for developers and contributors, this means a small workflow change.

TL;DR – keep reading if:

  • You develop plugins for BuddyPress
  • You are a core contributor
  • You run a checkout of trunk on a production site

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Happy #weekly-updates, everyone. If you…

Happy #weekly-updates, everyone. If you haven’t read @karmatosed‘s posts on the state of the template pack, or @boonebgorges performance improvement numbers, go do that. Both are must-reads.

Beta 2 will be arriving this week. If you’ve contributed to the project this last week, thanks so much — share here what you did. :)