Just converted our BuddyPress test site testbp org…

Just converted our BuddyPress test site (testbp.org) over to using bbPress 2.x for group forums.

  • 328 group forums
  • 848 topics
  • 1204 replies

Because of the way we configured that site originally, it’s an odd setup. Suffice it to say, it works pretty well, but having hierarchically nested forums several layers deep tends to be a performance burden. This is something that the old forums suffered from too, and will be addressed in future versions of bbPress.

That said, what’s in bbPress now should be considered final for a 2.2 release, barring any obvious bugs uncovered in the next few days.

Once bbPress 2.2 is out, I’ll be converting the support forums at BuddyPress.org over. This will come with some significant updates to the site as a whole, as we work towards unifying some of the BuddyPress/bbPress/WordPress .org experience.

The next feature up for grabs is BuddyPress’s…

The next feature up for grabs is BuddyPress’s Theme compatibility. #3741 You’ve got to see it to believe how good it works.

For a quick v1, I’ve literally coped templates directly from bp-default, and tweaked them to work.



Neither theme has any modifications done to them. No child themes, no custom CSS, it’s just BuddyPress filling things in. For release, we’d polish everything up and trim out as much markup and CSS as possible.

Please give this patch some love. It’s pretty large, and could really use some testing.


Custom Post Types – Yes/No?

Since the inception of WordPress’s custom post type API, the BuddyPress core team has been bouncing ideas back and forth on how we could possibly take advantage of all the goodness it has to offer. With bbPress recently making the move last year, and BuddyPress taking advantage of that in the coming version, we’re slowly and carefully inching towards trying it out.

A few things to consider:

  • The scalability concerns of BuddyPress on single-site WordPress become apparent much more quickly when everything is in the same set of WordPress database tables
  • Even something as straightforward as bbPress had to pull serious strings to use custom post types. Components like Groups, Friends, and Activity will be exponentially more complex.
  • By moving to custom post types, we inherit TONS of awesome features we don’t have in BuddyPress today: Trash, Import/Export, post_status, roles/caps, taxonomies, etc…
  • Migration is a pain, and writing scripts to transition each component over safely is hugely important.
  • Custom post types take much of the weight off the BuddyPress core team. It lowers the barrier of entry to get familiar with BuddyPress, and hopefully will increase both WordPress and BuddyPress core contributions.
  • Some things just aren’t meant to be custom post types. Things like user-to-user relationships, profile fields, etc… The schema for post types doesn’t really make any sense here; does it make sense to move components over just for the sake of doing it?

Any feedback is great feedback. We really want to get as much as we can get from everyone in the WordPress community, to get a sense on the direction you want us to take for future versions. We think we’re on track, but we won’t know unless we ask. 🙂

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

Started chipping away at the admin settings and…

Started chipping away at the admin settings and forums screens this weekend, in preparation for bbPress 2.x migration logic.

  • Moved the complicated bbPress 1.x config-file setup to settings page
  • New bbPress 1.x installs are no longer possible in BuddyPress trunk
  • Forums settings page slowly being deprecated in lieu of it being a temporary setup/migration tab only
  • Actual Forums Settings will be controlled by bbPress going forward
  • bbPress 2.1-r3773 and beyond have preliminary Group Forums setup in place

Some todo’s:

  • bbPress 2.1 Group Forum admin and edit screens
  • Clear migration path from bbPress 1.x to 2.x
  • Improve bbPress 1.x to 2.x migration script to make sure it’s bullet proof. See #BBP1592

#1-6, #2-1, #bbpress, #forums

Pushed a bunch of updates through to the…

Pushed a bunch of updates through to the codex. It now matches the refreshed BuddyPress.org site, and has some extra goodies in the sidebar to let everyone know who owns and has revised what pages. Eventually I’ll add some activity stream integration in for revisions, which I think will help give credit where it’s due.

I also enabled some custom taxonomies to help categorize the pages.

Take a look around and report back anything that might be broken.


In BuddyPress 1.6 we are introducing a top…

In BuddyPress 1.6 we are introducing a top level admin menu for moderating the Activity Streams. While in development we’ve been using the BuddyPress icon for now, but we want a snazzy theme of icons or when we incorporate Groups, Private Messages, and Friendships in there too.

I really like how the bbPress icons aren’t so literal. If you haven’t seen them, they are pretty sweet. This got me thinking about what kind of metaphorical icons we could have for BuddyPress, and as it turns out I’m not that creative at 2pm on a Friday.

Example: Instead of having literal icons (envelope for PM’s, user silhouette for Groups, etc… We could have little party icons – Cake, Piñata, Candles, Cards, Gifts, etc…

We could do cities, clubs, teams, leagues, anything community related really. What’s important is that they have a loose connection to the thing they are associated with and fit the overall BuddyPress project.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we could really use your brainstorming abilities!

#1-6, #admin, #icons

Today some primitive moderation functions were introduced to…

Today some primitive moderation functions were introduced to BuddyPress core to help combat unwanted submissions to your social network. These take advantage of the same Discussion Settings and illegal keys the WordPress Comments system uses to prevent them from being displayed immediately to your blogs’ audience.

This code currently exists in a new core component file named: bp-core-moderation.php

The Activity Stream is the first component to take advantage of this new ability. Any new Activity Stream updates that contain any of the illegal keys entered in your Discussion Settings will simply not be saved to the database. This is due to there currently not being a ‘moderation’ queue for activity stream items, which we may implement in a future version of BuddyPress.

The reason we are introducing this feature is simple: it’s your social network, and you reserve the right to keep your members safe from harassment and unfriendly interaction.

We’ll be testing this new feature over at testbp.org shortly, and hope you’ll test and report any issues you find!

#activity, #moderation

* Killed a bunch of bp org spam…

  • Killed a bunch of bp.org spam overnight… Relentless.
  • Patched branch/trunk with user status checks to further prevent topics/posts from spam/deleted users.
  • Started building bbPress 2.0 site-wide BuddyPress.org support forums

Notes from today’s dev chat * Congrats all…

Notes from today’s dev chat:

  • Congrats all around.
  • Everyone is keeping an eye on trac and the support forums for blockers.
  • Codex team wants better codex architecture. One is in the works using a post type and taxonomies;
  • Core team taking next week off from dev chat. Will resume on October 5.
  • Codex team is still free to wrangle each other together to meet.


BuddyPress 1.5 is out Trac is cleared and…

BuddyPress 1.5 is out! Trac is cleared and milestone is closed. Let’s keep an eye out for any 1.5.1 emergency blockers in the next few days.

As a general reminder, I’ll be traveling from Sept. 22 to Sept. 29 and will have limited availability during that time. I’ll do my best be around