BuddyPress 5.1.0 maintenance release

Hi everyone,

BuddyPress 5.1.0 is available. Please upgrade. You can read more about it from BuddyPress site: https://buddypress.org/2019/12/buddypress-5-1-0/

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BP Dev Chat Summary: December 4, 2019


A maintenance release will be packaged at the beginning of next week (December 9).

BP Beta Tester

The first version of the plugin has been deployed on the WordPress.org repository. An announcement has been published on BuddyPress.org. A first issue has been raised and @im4th will work on fixing it asap. If you want to contribute to this plugin (you’re very welcome), please make sure to share your issues or pull requests into its GitHub repository.

BuddyPress blocks

The full results of the poll and information about the BP Blocks GitHub repository has been published on BuddyPress.org.

@im4th will work on preparing the data stores for the Groups and Members component and @karmatosed will soon share sketches to help us on the design part.

6.0.0 and up

Tickets needing feedbacks

Moving the BP Devel site (this site) to a new Make.BuddyPress.org site (see #5525). There’s now a test drive you can use to contribute to the BuddyPress contributor documentation or to review the developments made so far. You can read more about it from here.

@im4th insisted to have feedbacks about #8156: Move the Local Avatar and Cover Image features into the Members component. He’d like to early commit the changes and inform about them as there are some functions and hooks to deprecate. The good news is : there’s no need to edit existing templates.

@dcavins would be very happy to get feedbacks about #8139 and @espellcaste will work on #8173 during this development cycle.

A full featured standalone BuddyPress Theme

This is @johnjamesjacoby ‘s plan to improve our users experiences and captivate a new audience. It would be a 3-columns social layout theme (that’s become the obvious go-to for everything from Slack to VSCode).

the original “bp-sn-parent” theme, read more about it here.

In his opinion, the original “bp-sn-parent” theme was what originally attracted many folks to BuddyPress, 10 years ago. It was opinionated, design wise, pretty, and it showcased everything that it could do all at once.

As we are still shipping the BP Default theme and as we kept BuddyPress compatible with standalone BuddyPress themes, it should be easy to replace BP Default or give him a new neighbour into the bp-themes directory of the built BuddyPress.

Finally it could be developed from GitHub. @im4th & @vapvarun volunteered to give a hand. @johnjamesjacoby will soon write a ticket about it on BP Trac.

Next dev-chat

It will happen on December 18 at 19:00 UTC in #BuddyPress.

PS: if you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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A new site for BuddyPress contributors

During our 5.0.0 development cycle we’ve been working on launching a new site for BuddyPress developers so that they can get help about using the BP REST API, for 6.0.0, I’m proposing to work on launching a specific site for BuddyPress contributors to help them get involved.

Migrating BP Devel to Make.BuddyPress.org

5 weeks ago, I’ve updated #5525-buddypress to inform about the plugins and themes we need to make it happen.

NB: as I’ve noted on the ticket’s comment, we would also need to migrate the BP Devel blog’s subscriptions using the JetPack tool.

Today, I’m informing you I’ve put up a testing site to help us see how it could look, behave and I hope help us start writing a BuddyPress contributors handbook.

BuddyPress contributors handbook

I know that contributing to BuddyPress is very similar to contributing to WordPress and that Make.WordPress.org core’s handbook is a great resource we could use to explain how to report a bug, test a patch, write a patch, etc..

I believe we need more than a link to this tool, I believe we need to get inspired by it to write our very own handbook with command/code examples specific to BuddyPress. For example: we could have a page with detailed step to checkout BuddyPress trunk from SVN like this one.

I’m pretty sure this handbook would greatly help new contributors to get started.

Let’s do it!

If you tried to click on the test drive link, you’ve seen you need to log in to access to it. I think, to avoid confusions with BP Devel or the possible/future Make.BuddyPress.org sites it’s best to restrict its access.

If you want to contribute to the making of this site by testing it or by writing one or more pages of the BuddyPress contributors handbook, you just need to send me a direct message on Slack (@imath) or simply use the form below to send it to me by email. I’ll be very happy to give you an access to it with writing capabilities.

Thanks in advance for your help and interest.

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BP Dev Chat agenda for December 4.

Hi !

November 13 dev chat didn’t really happened because of time confusion due to daylight saving time change. Sorry about it.

Let’s try to meet tomorrow: Wednesday November 27 December 4 at 19:00 UTC.

This new time is taking in account DST and this new day makes sure you can enjoy Thanksgiving with your family 😉

About the agenda, let’s progress on what was planned for November 13:


BP Dev Chat Agenda: November 13, 2019

Hi BuddyPress contributors!

This is the agenda for our next Dev Chat which will happen this Wednesday at 18:00 UTC (tomorrow!!) in #BuddyPress. Please note we’ve changed our meeting’s time to 18:00 UTC.

  1. 5.1.0
    • 5.1.0-beta was published on November 6, let’s schedule 5.1.0 release.
  2. BP Beta Tester
    • Have you tested it? Is it ready to be published on the WordPress.org plugins directory ? FYI, I’ve just released a 1.0.0-RC.
  3. 6.0.0
  4. BuddyPress.org
    • #8153 BuddyPress survey for 2019.
    • #5525 Move BP Devel (this site) to Make.BuddyPress.org

If you have anything you wish to add (or remove) to this agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

#5-0-0, #6-0-0

BuddyPress 5.1.0-beta1 + BP Beta Tester 1.0.0-beta1

The next maintenance release (5.1.0) for BuddyPress is available for testing, you can read more about it here: https://buddypress.org/2019/11/buddypress-5-1-0-beta1/

We’re also testing a new plugin to help you test future BuddyPress beta and release candidates: BP Beta Tester.

Thanks in advance for your tests ♥️

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BP Dev Chat Summary: October 30, 2019


The BuddyPress Blocks poll

@im4th shared the final result of the poll. There was 161 votes and top results are mostly corresponding to existing widgets. Here are the “top expected blocks” :

  1. A block to share a post or a page via the Activity Stream (17 votes)
  2. A block to list the recently published posts from across your network (Exists as a widget) (13 votes)
  3. A block to display Sitewide Notices posted by the site administrator (Exists as a widget) (12 votes)

@johnjamesjacoby confirmed Widgets were obvious converts and @boonebgorges suggested to work on the block highlighting a single Group (10 votes) as a starting point. Highlighting a single group is not something we make possible yet and he confirmed it’s something people want. We’ve decided to:

  • Start working on this block for 6.0.0 from a specific GitHub repository: BP Blocks
  • Merge the « JavaScript built » blocks into BuddyPress Core to avoid adding too much node modules to it.
  • Publish the full results and the decision above on BuddyPress.org

Moreover, we’re very happy to announce @karmatosed (Tammie Lister) will give us a hand about designing BuddyPress Blocks 😍 🙌


Before releasing this maintenance version to fix these issues, @im4th will package a 5.1.0-beta release so that we can test the BP Beta Tester plugin with a “real world” example. Once the results of this test are satisfying, we’ll publish the plugin on the WordPress.org directory.


@espellcaste shared the latest news about it. We’ve been talking about adding a controller to manage the Blogs avatar. Renato is wondering why we are falling back to the Blog’s Administrator’s avatar if the site does not include a Site icon. @dcavins thinks it only makes sense when displayed blogs are really “weblogs”. @im4th will soon create an issue on the GH repository of the BP REST API to explain why this fallback choice was made.

NB: To work on the Blogs avatars, we first need to have this ticket (#8150) fixed (in particular for the get_item() controller’s method).

@espellcaste also talked about the historical dependency of users local avatars to the xProfile component. So far, it’s not possible to upload/delete a local avatar using the Member’s Avatar controller if the xProfile is inactive. As a result, the BP REST API documentation has been updated and 5.1.0 will move this controller’s loading into the xProfile component’s class. @im4th as he “promised” during the dev-chat has been working on trying to make the local avatar and the cover image Members features for 6.0.0. There’s already a first patch available for testing/review on this ticket (#8156).

@espellcaste finally talked about the decisions he made about developing a BP GraphQL API using the WP-GraphQL plugin: he’ll focus more on specific components rather than adding support to several components.

Tickets needing feedbacks

As there were only 5 minutes left, @im4th briefly announced the work he has been doing about moving the BP Devel site (this site) to a new Make.BuddyPress.org site (see #5525). This ticket contains screenshots and the needed plugins and themes to make it possible. Please have a look at this 🙏

@dcavins also reminded everyone he was expecting more feedbacks about his ticket dealing with “Network Invitations and Membership Requests” (see #8139). Thanks in advance for looking at it 👀

2 other tickets are needing feedbacks: please have a look at them before our next dev-chat:

  • #8148 A new direction regarding optional components management (using the WordPress.org Plugins API).
  • #8153 BuddyPress survey for 2019.

Next dev-chat

It will happen on November 13 at 18:00 UTC in #BuddyPress.

PS: if you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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