BuddyPress 1.7.3

BP 1.7.3 is now available.

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Get involved in this weeks dev chat

If you want to get involved in the UI side then this week’s dev chat is one you’ll want to attend. The points raised in the conversation following this post will be summarised and then we can see who wants to get involved. We can also discuss the next step and set some tentive time frames on things.

So, come along and get involved at 19:00 UTC is BuddyPress dev chat, on IRC in Freenode; see the sidebar for connection details.

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Group templates in BuddyPress 1.7, part 2

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on my last post about group templates in 1.7. I wanted to let you know what I intended to do next to continue this discussion. I’m going to create some hi-def mockups of what this bar/editing panel could look like; I’m no designer, but at least it would give us all some kind of UI to see and discuss. If anyone wants to get involved creating these, let me know. I also plan to create some psuedocode about what an API built for the panel would look like, to get feedback from developers.

Depending on where things go from there, I’ll either create a BuddyPress Trac ticket so the idea can be reviewed more formally, or create a proof-of-concept implementation as a plugin.

From those who left comments, the feedback was that you felt moving the create/edit group templates out of the theme, into the toolbar, was a bad idea for several reasons: you/your clients don’t like/don’t want to use the toolbar, or because you prefer the functionality to be in the theme, or were concerned about too much functionality being moved into the toolbar/cluttering up the toolbar. So that probably won’t happen 😉

As a kind-of related aside, going forwards we need to be able to (much more easily) customise the menus inside member profiles/groups, etc. The core team talk about this quite often; it was something that was discussed when we met at WCSF last weekend. But that’s another kettle of fish.

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