BP Dev-Chat Summary : March 2, 2022.

10.1.0 feedbacks

Apart from a mysterious bug about the avatar crop step (we were not able to reproduce it so far), and a question about how to bring back legacy widgets, @vapvarun confirmed there was no alerts posted in our support forum.

@dcavins is using the 10.0.0 new features on several new sites and so far he hasn’t found any other issues.

10.2.0 Schedule

Unfortunately the notifications user cache issue was partly fixed in this release, see #8642. @im4th is in favor of packaging a new maintenance release soon to include the fix committed lately as well as other 10.0.0 regression issues that could have been fixed in the meantime. @vapvarun & @dcavins agreed about this plan 👉 expect 10.2.0 to be released asap!

Open floor

@im4th has been tested BuddyPress using PHP 8.1. He has found a lot of notices and improving our support to this PHP version will need some heavy changes about our PHPUnit testcases, see #8649.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on March 16 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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BuddyPress 10.1.0 is available!


10.1.0 is a maintenance release, please upgrade 🙏


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