BP 2.8.0 RC1

2.8.0 RC1 is now available: https://buddypress.org/2017/02/buddypress-2-8-0-release-candidate-1/

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In accordance with our WP…

In accordance with our WP compatibility policy, BuddyPress 2.8 will require WordPress 4.3. See https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7350.

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Committer updates for BuddyPress 2.8

For the 2.8 dev cycle, we’re pleased to announce that three contributors will be joining us as guest committers:

  • Slava Abakumov (slaFFik) is the BP 2.8 release lead. He’s a longtime contributor to the BuddyPress project, where’s he’s had an especially notable impact on improving internationalization and extensibility.
  • Stephen Edgar (netweb) will be joining the team to focus on build/test tools. He is a member of the bbPress team, and plays an extensive role maintaining build tools for bbPress, BP, and WP.
  • Laurens Offereins (Offereins) has been contributing to BuddyPress since 2014. He’s been key in building out the Member Type and Group Type features over the last few releases, bringing a keen eye for spotting nasty bugs.

Congratulations to Slava, Stephen, and Laurens!

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I’ve updated the dates in…

I’ve updated the dates in the Schedule (in the sidebar of the bpdevel.wordpress.com site) for the #2.8 release timetable.

Build/Test tooling

It’s always fun figuring out improvements for our build and test tooling, to make life easier for regular contributors. Does anyone have any ideas for things we can do to improve this in BP #2.8 ? I’ve given this a bit of thought. We could:

  • Grunt: remove dependency on Ruby by removing grunt-scss-lint#7028 (in progress)
  • Move bbPress 1 out of buddypress.svn.wordpress.org, and manually add it in when we commit the release build to plugins.svn.wordpress.org. We already do this for the bp-default theme. ?
  • Iterate on the NPM package versions and shrinkwrapping and related requirements, and make it work 100% reliable on @boonebgorges computers. 🙂
  • Look into performance improvements using Yarn, which acts as a wrapper/CDN for NPM. ?
  • Add Git commit hooks.
    • All committers work in Git, and commit to BuddyPress via git-svn. It isn’t an option to switch to committing in Git directly as the moment. We should think about what things we could/should pre-commit hook.

Super interested to hear any feedback or other ideas or wishlists around tooling! Share in comments below!