Dev Chat Summary for April 22, 2015


BuddyPress 2.3.0 Schedule Update

  • BP 2.3.0 Beta 1 is scheduled for this coming week.
  • BP 2.3.0 RC 1 is scheduled two weeks before release.
  • Target release date for 2.3.0 is May 26th, three days before BuddyCamp in Miami, Florida.

Avatars, an extensible UI

  • (#6290) @im4th has tested the new Avatar UI on the BP Default theme and @hnla has done the same for WP Twenty-* themes. Both are working on improving the current UI. @johnjamesjacoby recommended testing as well on popular BP-compatible premium themes and can get copies of such themes to help the authors make the necessary adjustments.
  • @rayisme suggested adding back informative text on the screen: “In trunk, there is a “Delete” button in the nav (Upload, Camera, Delete), but it isn’t as clear that a user has a current avatar. “ @rayisme will work on a patch for this.

And if the Blogs component had Single items?

  • (#6026) This ticket contains major enhancements to the blogs component. @im4th indicated that he was ready to work on the “site logos” (Avatars for sites) and sought advice on the best placement to add this new feature. @johnjamesjacoby noted, “The code should live in the Blogs component, with whatever graceful degradation is necessary. And the avatars themselves, probably in the same structure as members and groups avatars.”
  • With the placement of the new features resolved, @im4th stated, “I can work on #6026 + (blog) creation steps and see where we arrive in the next 2 weeks.”
  • Update: @im4th added a patch for review and tagged this ticket for BP 2.3.0 in case we can quickly decide whether to include it or not.

Option to disable Group avatars

  • (#4677) @boonebgorges has been adding and updating patches for this feature request. The latest patch has revisions for 8 core files (activity, core, groups), three bp-legacy group templates, and the buddypress.css file.
  • @im4th is waiting for this feature to be committed to core to tie in the Avatar UI with uploading avatars for user profile, single groups (if not disabled), and for user blogs on multisite installations.

Groups single item home: improve the way we deal with custom front and activity component

  • (#6388) @im4th has also been working on improving this feature: custom home pages for single groups and had uploaded a patch for review. This ticket is tagged for future release but if group templates are going to be changed in ticket #4677 above for 2.3.0, it’s best to work on this group enhancement at the same time.
  • Feedback welcome.

BP Companion Stylesheet for Twenty Fourteen Theme

  • (#9784) @hnla has committed his first pass on the companion CSS and SASS files for the theme to trunk. Styling for the BP groups component in both the Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen themes will be added sometime soon. Testing and feedback welcome.

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