Summary of Dev/Santa Chats held December 17 & 24, 2014

Trac Tickets

#2693: bp_format_time returns incorrect value when gmt_offset is empty

  • @johnjamesjacoby found a new issue where bp_format_time() only checks gmt_offset and does not check timezone_string and will be looking into it. @djpaulgibbs recalled seeing an old ticket #2693 regarding a similar issue.
  • @johnjamesjacoby reopened and added this ticket to the 2.3 milestone.

#6008: Remove HTML from post_title for groups

  • 12/17 – A lively discussion ensued on where to add the “Create a Group/Blog” button/link. @bowe and @modemlooper posted screenshots of proposed solutions. @djpaulgibbs moved that decision be delayed to the following week and seconded by @boonebgorges and @im4th. The discussion continued till after devchat was closed. Rest assured that there will be no modals, marquees, nor blinks involved in the final solution.
  • 12/24 – @hnla followed up on decision re placement of button/link. @rayisme commented that @santa might fix it. @boonebgorges said he would leave some cookies and milk for @santa at said ticket. Unfortunately, @santa did not have the time to address the issue as he was too busy making deliveries.

#4988: bp_has_activities to accept multi-scope

  • High five to @rayisme for completing work in this ticket where ‘filter_query’ argument to bp_has_activities() was introduced along with a new class BP_Activity_Query. @rayisme noted, “Multiple activity scopes will rule!” 🙂
  • Testing and feedback welcome.

Trac Matters

  • Workflow: @boonebgorges commented that the contributors who add tickets to milestones, especially enhancements, should be responsible to see the ticket through, i.e., adding patch/es or wrangle someone to help create necessary patch/es.  @djpaulgibbs mentioned that once Trac configuration is fixed, only BP Trac admins and gardeners will be able to add a ticket to a milestone.
  • Trac Twitter Account: @hnla reported that the account has not been working for a while. @johnjamesjacoby fixed before the meeting was over.
  • Outstanding tickets for BP 2.2 can be found in this report. RC1 is scheduled to be released on Jan. 7, 2015.

Slack logs

  • 12/17 devchat –
  • 12/24 santachat –

#4988, #6008, #dev-chat, #slack

Summary of Dev Chat held December 10, 2014

Trac Tickets

#6006: User/Member Types API
* Additional testing and feedback welcome. @johnjamesjacoby will be testing with HyperDB and separate servers.

#6008: Remove HTML from post_title for groups
* @johnjamesjacoby opened the discussion on where to place the link/button to create a group in the Groups directory since it was decided in a previous devchat that the link/button will not be inserted within the title tag of the Groups directory page.
* @im4th  suggested  adding the link as the last item in the navigation tabs.
* Decision: Move forward with adding the link to create groups/blogs at the end of the item nav tabs per image linked to above. This is only for the BP Theme Compatibility templates. There will be no changes in the BP Default theme.
* Update: Discussion was reopened by @djpaulgibbs some hours after the meeting regarding the placement of the links. @im4th has posted new screenshots of the link to Create a Group four days ago. The issue is not resolved at this point.

#4988: bp_has_activities to accept multi scope
* @im4th reported that he has tested the patch and gave a positive feedback.
* @rayisme will work through the tiny hide_sitewide issue to get this feature into BP 2.2.

#5733: Use wp_cache_add_global_groups() so cache is applicable throughout multisite
* @johnjamesjacoby will be adding the new version of the patch used for Flox.
@rayisme proposed fixing the original count caching discrepancy issue for multisite installs, i.e., switch those count cache groups temporarily to ‘bp’, then conduct an audit of the cache groups at later date.
* Core devs discussed alternative and better ways of caching for bp_blogs_get_blogmeta() for multisite installations with different configurations .
* Cache for multisite is relative to root blog by default and the global cache group could be removed eventually.

BuddyPress 2.2 Release Schedule

  • BuddyPress 2.2 RC1 – January 7, 2015
  • BuddyPress 2.2 – January 28, 2015
  • @johnjamesjacoby will be packaging the 2.2 release. He mentioned that he will also use that day as an opportunity to train anyone else who’s interested in packaging releases someday. There’s a checklist of things to do on release date.

BuddyPress Codex Update

  • @hnla gave an update of improvements and changes to the codex per his latest post in this blog.
  • Main issues in the codex are the missing navigational elements like the hidden breadcrumbs and the links to child/grandchild pages in the sidebar which make it hard for people to find information.
  • Related trac ticket: re BP Codex Theme Adjustments. @johnjamesjacoby will be checking the issue.

Slack log

  • 12/10/14 –

#4988, #5733, #6006, #6008, #dev-chat

Summary of Dev Chats held November 26 & December 3, 2014

Trac Tickets

#6006: User/Member Types API

  • @boonebgorges asked for dev feedback in addition to @im4th’s in order to commit the new API for early testing.
  • @djpaulgibbs has since conducted a code review of the patch a la WPcom VIP code reviews.
  • Update: As of this writing, @boonebgorges has committed the new API to core.
  • Testing and feedback welcome.

#5733: Use wp_cache_add_global_groups() so cache is applicable throughout multisite

  • @johnjamesjacoby works on improving the speed and performance of BuddyPress sites in multisite and multi-network environments.
  • Included in ticket is a proof-of-concept patch and a revised bp-multi-network file based on his work on Flox, across 8 networks.
  • An audit of current usages of cache methods used throughout BP will be conducted.

#4988: bp_has_activities to accept multi scope

  • @r-a-y and @boonebgorges work on allowing multiple scopes for bp_has_activities() using same nested query syntax introduced by @boonebgorges in upcoming WP 4.1.

#5839: BP_XProfile_Query – filtering user query results by xprofile field matches

  • @boonebgorges has committed the new API to trunk.
  • Testing and feedback welcome.

#5669: Help plugins to generate activities for their post type(s)

  • @im4th has committed new functions and hooks to support tracking custom post types in the Activity Streams without requiring the Blogs component to be active (multisite).
  • Announcement Post:
  • Codex Article:
  • Testing and feedback welcome.

Adding BuddyPress support for the WP REST API

  • @modemlooper has a base plugin created at which is updated to current develop branch of WP-API
  • The status of this project and call for volunteers to help build this will be posted in this blog sometime soon.

Limited BuddyPress Codex Access

  • At this time, access to the codex admin dashboard has been restricted due to a deluge of spam posts last Thanksgiving weekend. The same goes for access to the bbPress codex.
  • In addition to @johnjamesjacoby’s work in stopping these spammers, @hnla reported spammers who used github to host spam materials and fought with the spammers relentlessly along with @netweb and me. We compiled a list of said spammers and have removed the users from respective codex and sites’ forums. As of yesterday, these spam users were also blocked from the support forums.
  • The new process to get access to the codices will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience.

Guest Commit Access

  • Guest commit access for the BuddyPress 2.2 development cycle has been granted to @tw2113. He will be continuing his recent focus on improving BP’s inline documentation.

BP Core Attachments

  • BP Attachments is being redesigned as a shared library which will include functions to to set up the attachments environment (API) as a foundation for other components to use rather than a stand-alone component.

Slack logs

11/26/14 –
12/03/14 –

#dev-chat, #slack

#4988, #5669, #5733, #5839, #6006