Once upon a time, we…

Once upon a time, we had #agenda posts going up once a week before the dev chat. They kind of died out when we switched the frequency and time of the dev chats around, but now that we seem to be on a bit of a roll again, I’d like to suggest we try something similar.

The goal is to put individual updates in a more visible place (finding the IRC logs is kinda tricky) and, by moving a lot of the updates to this site, to free up more time in the dev chats to give everyone more time to talk to each other synchronously and ask questions. If a feature developer has other time commitments for a particular meeting, moving the updates to the bpdevel site will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to read an update from them. Let’s see how this works for a couple of weeks, and we can make changes as necessary.

I’ll publish a #weekly-updates post on this site every week, and for everyone who’s contributing to a ticket, please leave a comment on that week’s update post with a summary of you’ve done. As a prompt when writing these: tell everyone what you contributed to last week, and what you’re aiming to do this/next week.

#4551, #4680, #5128, #5220, #5328, #5357, #5398, #5399, #5400, #7899