The way the Group’s manage subnav is generated has been improved

In BuddyPress 2.2, The Group Extension API will use the core function bp_core_new_subnav_item() to generate the sub navigation of the Group’s manage tab. This subnav is populated by core tools to manage the group (such as the details, the photo, the members of the group etc.) and by the Group extension edit_screen() method plugins/themes/customizations are using to build their great manage tools. Here’s an example of this sub navigation.

The Group's Manage tabs

The Group’s Manage tabs

In most cases, this improvement won’t change anything to your beautiful BuddyPress powered community. But if a plugin/theme/customization is direclty using the hook do_action( 'groups_admin_tabs' ) to insert a new subnav item, a notice will be displayed (when WP_DEBUG mode is on) to invite you to use the Group Extension API instead. Here’s an example of what you could see, having the WP_DEBUG mode on :

You should use the BP Group extension API to generate Manage tabs

You should use the BP Group extension API to generate Manage tabs

As you can see the new subnav will still be generated for back compatibility reasons. If you’re a theme designer, a plugin author, or a customization artist, and you are directly using this hook, we would be very thankful if you could stop doing it in favor of the use of the Group extension API.

If you’re not familiar with this great tool, you can learn more about it in the BuddyPress codex.
If you’re curious and want to read the full story of this enhancement, you can check this ticket #5994.

Thanks in advance for your comprehension and help.

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