Dev Chat Summary for September 16, 2015

BuddyPress 2.3.4

  • Release is scheduled for this coming week to fix #6606: Visibility issues with BP_Activity_List_Table::row_actions().
  • Other tickets listed in the 2.3.4 milestone will be punted to BP 2.3.5.

BuddyPress 2.4.0


Forty-three tickets have been fixed to date. The list for all tickets completed so far is available on this page.
Mentioned in chat:

BP component as front page messes up blog search (#5087) @boonebgorges has completed the fix for this ticket last week. Solution includes changing the default search query arguments for each BP component to be unique to remove the conflict with regular blog searches, among others. Testing and feedback welcome.


Ninety-four more tickets are slated for 2.4.0 to date. You can keep updated with the complete list of these tickets on this page.

Add UI for adding Profile Header Images for Users and Groups (#6570) @im4th has set up test of the button/modals and uploads at his test site If you’re interested in testing this out in his site, ping @im4th @ Slack (imath). Or you can check it out in your test installation, just apply the latest patch in ticket.
@im4th sought advice on the best way to organize file uploads now especially with more BP Attachments features coming in down the road. @boonebgorges and @djpaulgibbs approved to white label the ‘buddypress’ directory as long as @im4th adds a global filter.

BuddyPress modal iframe (#6604) @im4th  noted that: 1) You can add buttons in the front end profile’s header to set avatar / cover image and 2) The real problem is that our javascript is not yet modular, so you can’t deal with avatar and cover image at the same time, meaning not having the modal would prevent us to have cover image in the Administration screens as everything is managed in one page. @rayisme noted the benefits of using BP modals in the BP admin pages. This new feature will be discussed further this week after additional review by Lead Devs.

Email API and customisation features (#6592) @djpaulgibbs has been working on the email framework and has “reached out to a couple of potential contributors to help with some of the buildout.” He has since updated the ticket to include: the link to his “Amazing Emails” repo in Github, tasks he has completed so far, a list of remaining tasks, and instructions on how you can get involved with the project. Contributors are welcome!

Accessibility Fixes – @mercime has uploaded patches to a number of tickets, most of which have been committed to core.

@hnla: Will be free this week to “work on something fun and rewarding, and look over” the cover photos ticket. Btw, he has committed the BP companion stylesheet for Twenty Thirteen. Testing and feedback welcome.

@boonebgorges: “I would like to find time to look at migrating profile field visibility over to profile meta, so that we can fix a couple of bugs there. Beyond that, I’ll just drop in and do gardening as I have time for 2.4.0” (like fixing #5087 above).

@rayisme: “There’s already quite a few big features for 2.4.0 and I want to concentrate on helping move those along”, just like he has been doing for the cover photos ticket. He has also been doing some gardening specially on the tickets slated for 2.3.4.

Boone on the “Very French Trip WordPress”

@boonebgorges was the special guest on “Very French Trip WordPress”, a podcast in French (of course!), hosted by Thierry Pigot, Grégoire Noyelle, and @im4th last September 10. @im4th remarked later, “French people (listeners) are amazed about Boone’s French level!” 

Boone spoke about how to contribute to the development of BuddyPress and WordPress , along with little Wilhelmina. The hosts also shared information about SkiPress, the very first WP coding and skiing event in the French Alps for one week, and WordCamp Paris in February 2016, among others.

Slack log:

#5087, #6570, #6592, #6604, #6606, #dev-chat