Dev Chat Summary for March 16, 2016

Last week’s meeting focused on reviewing trac tickets slated for BP 2.6.0 which already had patches uploaded.

Activity link moderation doesn’t output useful error message to end users (#6719@rayisme requested feedback on custom error handling for the activity stream using WP_Error. “Would love it if @hnla could test the patch in 6719 and see if that addresses the points in #6822

Suspension of BP comment moderation functionality (#6822) @rayisme wrote about removing the activity moderation feature entirely.

Simplify CSS targeting of radio and checkbox label fields (#6678) @dcavins thanked all for the feedback in trac to change markup to use fieldsets/legends for some profile fields in the front end.
Action: Patch changing the markup has been committed to trunk during the meeting.

Avoid using HTML tags in translation strings (#6898 through #6911) @djpaulgibbs had some concerns about whether the proposed changes would make the strings harder to translate and asked @boonebgorges for his opinion on the tickets.
Update: Boone has committed most of the patches to trunk.

Accessibility: Bump headings in template files (#6875 through #6882) @djpaulgibbs, @hnla, @rayisme, and @mercime had a long discussion about the merits and challenges of updating template files to meet accessibility guidelines. There were concerns that changing them (headings) might cause angst to developers needing to make the changes to established themes and regular users will be posting in our forums. There was a proposal to roll the accessibility updates in a new bp-template pack. @rayisme added, “Let’s roll with the accessibility changes and be ultra-aggressive with the heading styling so bp-legacy CSS rules take precedence.”  @mercime commented that committing the updates early in the 2.6 dev cycle will allow ~ 3 months for developers to update themes.  Accessible BP templates are the way to go forward. @djpaulgibbs: “We need to do these. We also need to get the companion stylesheets updated for these changes (if/as necessary). Let’s post on bpdevel once the changes are in. We can contact the major BP theme builders in advance. ”
Action: First batch of new heading updates have been committed to trunk after the meeting.

Slack log:

#6678, #6719, #6875, #6882, #6898, #6911, #dev-chat