Let’s contribute to BuddyPress all day long on April 20, 2023

Hello contributors,

BuddyPress will get a contributing table at the Paris contributor day organized on April 20 by the WordPress French community. Let’s meet there IRL or online from all around the world 👇.

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The BuddyPress project now includes a local development environment

Since BuddyPress 5.0.0 development cycle, we try to find the time to add tools to help you get involved into BuddyPress contribution.

  • During 5.0.0 development cycle: we’ve launched the developer.buddypress.org site with the BP REST API documentation.
  • During 6.0.0 development cycle: we’ve published the BP Beta Tester plugin on the WordPress.org plugins directory.
  • And for the 7.0.0 development cycle we are now including the @wordpress/env to our development tools.

I’d like to remind you BuddyPress is an open source project and as such is maintained by volunteers just like you. It is vital for the current and future success of BuddyPress to have a healthy group of contributors.

The more people will contribute to BuddyPress, the more BuddyPress will be awesome. We’ve just updated our “Get Involved” page on BuddyPress.org to include a guide to help you get started with contributing code to BuddyPress core.

This guide contains all the resources needed to take you through the process of submitting your first patch. It also includes a specific chapter to install our default local BuddyPress development environment.

Members of the BuddyPress Core team will be happy to warmly welcome you and review your great patches. If you’re looking for a way to improve your development skills, believe my experience: contributing to BuddyPress and discussing with its Core teammates is a fantastic school.

The best way to learn it is to make it! 🤗

See you on BP Trac, we have some tickets to fix! 😘

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