I’ve started making a list of internal …

I’ve started making a list of internal code improvements and features I’d personally like to add to the list for the next version of BuddyPress, comments very welcome.

  • current_user_can() support
  • Basic Privacy – limit my profile to friends / followers / not in public listings
  • theme_supports() support
  • Generic component extension API
  • Create pages for top level navs instead of hijacking with root components. This would let you move members, groups, blogs, forums etc to a sub page – e.g. /community/groups/
  • Implement a REST API
  • Atom feeds with Activitystrea.ms and PuSH Support
  • Better install / upgrade procedure – wizard like
  • Improved Xprofile field management and advanced search
  • Global search – activity, members, groups, forums, blogs all in one result.

DJPaul – how are we looking for putting together a full list based on community feedback, ready for a vote?

#1-3, #ideas