Today some primitive moderation functions were introduced to…

Today some primitive moderation functions were introduced to BuddyPress core to help combat unwanted submissions to your social network. These take advantage of the same Discussion Settings and illegal keys the WordPress Comments system uses to prevent them from being displayed immediately to your blogs’ audience.

This code currently exists in a new core component file named: bp-core-moderation.php

The Activity Stream is the first component to take advantage of this new ability. Any new Activity Stream updates that contain any of the illegal keys entered in your Discussion Settings will simply not be saved to the database. This is due to there currently not being a ‘moderation’ queue for activity stream items, which we may implement in a future version of BuddyPress.

The reason we are introducing this feature is simple: it’s your social network, and you reserve the right to keep your members safe from harassment and unfriendly interaction.

We’ll be testing this new feature over at shortly, and hope you’ll test and report any issues you find!

#activity, #moderation