BuddyPress 2016 Survey Results


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Results of the 2015 BuddyPress Survey


Thanks to everyone who completed the survey 🙂


2015 BuddyPress Survey Launched



Questions for the 2015 BuddyPress Survey

After the success of the survey held in early January this year, we’ve decided to hold another survey in 2015!

This is to invite you to submit questions you would like to see answered in the survey by the BuddyPress community. Questions could be multiple choices or open-ended or checkbox, etc., and addressed to either the theme/plugin developers or to the site administrators/users.

We’ll start compiling the questions on December 15th and integrating many to the questionnaire before the end of this year. Your participation would be most welcome.

Thank you.


The 2014 BuddyPress Survey will end on Monday

The 2014 BuddyPress Survey will end on Monday, Feb. 10, at 20:00 UTC. If you haven’t had the chance to voice your opinions and feature requests, please take the time to do so at http://mercime.polldaddy.com/s/2014-buddypress-survey. Your answers will help shape the future of BuddyPress.

Many thanks to all who have participated so far. We’ll be posting the results within 24 hours soon after close of survey.


2013 BuddyPress Codex Survey Results

The 2013 BP Codex Survey report is now available. Read about it at http://buddypress.org/2013/09/2013-buddypress-codex-survey-results/

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The BuddyPress Codex Survey will end on Monday…

The BuddyPress Codex Survey will end on Monday, Aug. 26th at 19:00 UTC. http://mercime.polldaddy.com/s/2013-buddypress-codex-survey

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in the survey so far. We’ll be posting the results later next week.

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