BP Dev Chat Agenda: October 2, 2019

Hi BuddyPress contributors!

This is the agenda for our next Dev Chat which will happen this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 19:00 UTC in #BuddyPress.

5.0.0 “Le Gusto” was released yesterday: thanks everyone who got involved in making it happen 😍, let’s take some time to share our thoughts about the following points.

  1. 5.0.0 development cycle report
    • First feedbacks about this new release?
    • What have we done well?
    • What can we improve?
  2. What’s next in BuddyPress?
    • 6.0.0 priorities?
    • How can we improve the way users get help?
    • How can we have more betatesters?

If you have anything you wish to add to this agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

#5-0-0, #6-0-0