Dev Chat Summary for May 20, 2015

This post includes updates since the dev chat yesterday.

BP 2.3.0 Schedule Updates

  • BuddyPress 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1 has just been packaged and released around a couple of hours ago by @johnjamesjacoby. Let us know of any issues you find at the support forums and/or at the development tracker.
  • 127 tickets have been closed to date including the trac tickets listed below.

Notifications: Invalidate cache when updating a notification

  • (#6445) @johnjamesjacoby fixed a bug where marking single notifications as read/unread would not show anticipated results, as the cache was not being properly cleared.

Welcome Screen for BP 2.3.0

  • (#6443) The welcome screen features the new Avatar UI in conjunction with the new Attachments API. The animated gif for the feature was provided by @im4th. Highlights per JJJ’s post were included along with a new section with links to BuddyPress sites and Twitter feeds at the bottom of the screen.

BP Companion Stylesheets for Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen

  • (#6291) and (#6338) @hnla has completed the tasks assigned and also ensured that BP companion stylesheets will be enqueued in respective child themes of Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen themes.

Create Members Loop markup class function

  • (#6384) After updating the bp_member_class() for this enhancement to the Member loop, @johnjamesjacoby added the same enhancements and fixes for the Blog and Group loops.

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Dev Chat Summary for May 13, 2015

BuddyPress 2.3.0 Schedule Update

  • BP 2.3.0 Beta 2 has been packaged and released around an hour ago by @johnjamesjacoby.
  • BP RC 1 is scheduled two weeks before release.
  • Target release date: early June.
  • 115 tickets have been closed and 7 tickets remain open to date.

BuddyPress Feed No Longer Shows Up in Dashboard

  • @johnjamesjacoby noted that the feeds with latest posts from and are no longer showing up in the WP admin dashboard.
  • @im4th suggested that BP include a new dashboard widget to show our latest posts :)
  • @boonebgorges said, “tbh, showing the feed to site admins is not the worst idea in the world.”
  • Another way to offset this issue is to add a subscription form and we have a ticket for it: #5340.

BP Companion Stylesheets for Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen

  • (#6338) and (#6291) @hnla is still working on improving the companion stylesheets.
  • Template enhancement tickets – #6247 and #6414 – have been punted for 2.4.0.

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Dev Chat Summary for May 6, 2015

This post includes updates since the dev chat last Wednesday.

BuddyPress 2.3.0 Schedule Update

  • BP 2.3.0 Beta 1 was packaged and released by @johnjamesjacoby last Thursday, May 7th.
  • BP RC 1 is scheduled two weeks before release.
  • Update: Target release date for BP 2.3.0 has been moved to early June.
  • 113 tickets have been closed and 10 tickets remain open to date. The other tickets have been punted to 2.4.0.

Star Private Messages

  • (#6331) In addition to the new enhancement for private messages, @rayisme’s 6331.03.patch included the introduction of bp_is_active( $component, $feature ) which allows developers to check if a component feature is registered.
  • Update: This enhancement plus the new bp_is_active( $component, $feature ) are now in trunk for BP 2.3.0

BP Templates Hooks Documentation

  • (#5948) @tw2113 has completed adding inline documentation for hooks in the template files. He has since opened up new tickets for “any missed spots or new/revised edits.”

BP Companion Stylesheets for Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen

  • (#6338) and (#6291) @hnla has committed updates for improving the layout of BP components within the bundled themes mentioned above. Work is close to being done, just some minor responsive touches left. Testing and feedback welcome.

XProfile fields used for signup should be configurable

Manage Signups on Network Admin dashboard returns Blog Admin URL, not Network Admin URL

  • (#6371) @rayisme discussed this ticket which has a patch with @im4th. They concurred to punt this ticket to 2.4.0 because related tickets for multisite and blogs component will be addressed in the next dev cycle.

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Results of the 2015 BuddyPress Survey

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey :)


Dev Chat Summary for April 29, 2015

BuddyPress 2.3.0 Schedule Update

  • BP 2.3.0 Beta 1 release has been postponed to next week because some features are not done yet (see trac tickets below). Deadline to complete feature for inclusion in BP 2.3.0 has been set this Saturday, May 2nd.
  • BP 2.3.0 RC 1 is scheduled two weeks before release ~ May 12th.
  • Target release date for 2.3.0 is May 26th, three days before BuddyCamp in Miami, Florida.

Star Private Messages

  • (#6331) @rayisme has a patch and is “just re-testing everything, but would appreciate some feedback on the general approach.” @johnjamesjacoby said he will be reviewing and testing the patch.
  • Update: @im4th and @boonebgorges have tested the patch and have given their feedback.

XProfile fields used for signup should be configurable

  • (#6347) @johnjamesjacoby mentioned that this still needs unit tests. He will get the tests in Friday “with a commit-ready patch for review.”

Attachment Library

  • (#6278) @im4th would like to commit the latest patch on this ticket. This last patch contains a back compatibility fix for versions of WordPress < 4.0.
  • Dev feedback needed.

Avatar UI

  • (#6290) @im4th mentioned that he would need to check for WP version compatibility since this UI requires Plupload 2.1.1 to maximize cross-browser compatibility. This version of the script was introduced in WP 3.9. While the general mantra is to check for feature compatibility and not version compatibility, @boonebgorges and @johnjamesjacoby gave thumbs up for the version check since this was the better course of action for this feature.
  • Update: This ticket is now a done deal. Testing and feedback welcome.

Update about the Blogs single items

  • (#6026) While this ticket was not discussed during this dev chat, it was previously tagged for 2.3.0 and bears mentioning. The team has decided to postpone it to 2.4 dev-cycle because of the sheer scope of the improvements suggested by @im4th in the patches.

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Companion Styles – An update

The companion styles tasks progress and we reach a good point for a résúme of the current status.

For those that haven’t read about this project the last bpdevel update post outlines the purpose of these tasks companion-styles-task-updates

We have two main tickets running to cover enhancement styles for the WP themes Twentyfifteen & Twentyfourteen. Last week we committed the initial pass for twentyfourteen’s scss file and compiled CS & rtl CSS files. A further round of updates and styling have been committed to twentyfourteen to bring it to a par with twentyfifteen’s current state of play.

Both sets of files now provide the two themes with styles that are designed to provide additional enhancement supporting the BuddyPress default stylesheet, with the aim of ensuring that BP displays at it’s best and that any particular requirements that the themes have are catered for in these additional stylesheets.

So we achieve our primary goal if we can have an almost seamless rendering of BP elements in one of these given themes, where BP just blends in naturally looking as though it belongs in that theme. Our secondary goal would be to then tweak BP elements to have a little extra sparkle and would be the icing on the cake so to speak.

Our primary aim is pretty much achieved, yes there are still aspects that could take attention and yes doubtless we will find issues to address, but these tasks are less about themeing every aspect as about ensuring a broad sweep on elements to ensure the majority of critical issues are addressed, but overall BP renders in a far more seamless manner now in these themes, with for example twentyfifteen now producing a pleasing experience when we activate BP.

Design factors:

Although the tasks here were always about harmonizing with the theme rather than ‘design’ there are two aspects to both tasks where what may be described as ‘design considerations’ were undertaken, both of these are up for criticism and review.

1/ Major layout elements

Both twentyfourteen & fifteen have what is best described as narrow content widths best used for rendering blog or magazine style posts, this sort of narrow text width container doesn’t suit BP components which need to display quite a bit of detail on pages, thus where BP renders it’s screens we have manipulated those widths to effectively create new layout pages for wider content, while attempting to maintain a relationship with the themes concepts for layout containers.

2/ User Account / Groups object Nav layout
Horizontal navigation has long been an issue where dynamic nav elements are concerned of an unknown quantity, thus for both themes and for the User acount and single groups we have re-factored thse navs so that the primary object nav runs vertically to the left – opinions and thoughts are sought on this, whether this works, or do people prefer the older style horizontal navs?

Community Participation:

At this stage feedback and/or suggestions are welcomed on these two tasks. it would be great if core dev team and all community members that can run local dev installs could switch to using twentyfifteen/twentyfourteen in their day to day dev work and note any issues that they may spot in passing, these can be fed back to the respective tickets 2015 | 2014 or even left as comments to this bpdevel post.

Initially feedback on these two aspects would be helpful:
* Layout re-factoring of parent theme containers for BP screens Dir, Group, user accounts
* Vertical Mnus Useracounts /group screens.

We would also be hugely interested in anyone that has any thoughts on styling specific elements of the BP components e.g the various tables in user accounts, activity stream comment display etc. Again comment feedback or even code if people want to tackle a section and provide a patch via the SCSS file or if not comfortable with SCSS simply work up styles in, say the bottom of the .css version and upload that to the trac ticket and we’ll check it over and if necessary work it into the SCSS file.

Dev Chat Summary for April 22, 2015


BuddyPress 2.3.0 Schedule Update

  • BP 2.3.0 Beta 1 is scheduled for this coming week.
  • BP 2.3.0 RC 1 is scheduled two weeks before release.
  • Target release date for 2.3.0 is May 26th, three days before BuddyCamp in Miami, Florida.

Avatars, an extensible UI

  • (#6290) @im4th has tested the new Avatar UI on the BP Default theme and @hnla has done the same for WP Twenty-* themes. Both are working on improving the current UI. @johnjamesjacoby recommended testing as well on popular BP-compatible premium themes and can get copies of such themes to help the authors make the necessary adjustments.
  • @rayisme suggested adding back informative text on the screen: “In trunk, there is a “Delete” button in the nav (Upload, Camera, Delete), but it isn’t as clear that a user has a current avatar. “ @rayisme will work on a patch for this.

And if the Blogs component had Single items?

  • (#6026) This ticket contains major enhancements to the blogs component. @im4th indicated that he was ready to work on the “site logos” (Avatars for sites) and sought advice on the best placement to add this new feature. @johnjamesjacoby noted, “The code should live in the Blogs component, with whatever graceful degradation is necessary. And the avatars themselves, probably in the same structure as members and groups avatars.”
  • With the placement of the new features resolved, @im4th stated, “I can work on #6026 + (blog) creation steps and see where we arrive in the next 2 weeks.”
  • Update: @im4th added a patch for review and tagged this ticket for BP 2.3.0 in case we can quickly decide whether to include it or not.

Option to disable Group avatars

  • (#4677) @boonebgorges has been adding and updating patches for this feature request. The latest patch has revisions for 8 core files (activity, core, groups), three bp-legacy group templates, and the buddypress.css file.
  • @im4th is waiting for this feature to be committed to core to tie in the Avatar UI with uploading avatars for user profile, single groups (if not disabled), and for user blogs on multisite installations.

Groups single item home: improve the way we deal with custom front and activity component

  • (#6388) @im4th has also been working on improving this feature: custom home pages for single groups and had uploaded a patch for review. This ticket is tagged for future release but if group templates are going to be changed in ticket #4677 above for 2.3.0, it’s best to work on this group enhancement at the same time.
  • Feedback welcome.

BP Companion Stylesheet for Twenty Fourteen Theme

  • (#9784) @hnla has committed his first pass on the companion CSS and SASS files for the theme to trunk. Styling for the BP groups component in both the Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen themes will be added sometime soon. Testing and feedback welcome.

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