Dev Chat Summary for November 25, 2015

BuddyPress 2.4.1

  • As of 11/30/15, 2.4.1 will be released this week.
  • Six of the 7 tickets slated for this release are all good to go.
  • (#6675) WP 4.4. deprecates wp_title() will be moved to BP 2.4.2 which is scheduled sometime after WP 4.4.0 is released.

BuddyPress 2.5.0

  • @djpaulgibbs proposed start of dev cyle on Wednesday, Dec. 2, and release by March 2, 2016. He also mentioned that “we will lose probably a few weeks’ worth of development over Christmas, but I’d rather keep the pace up even if that means a smaller release.”
  • @boonebgorges noted that “in the last couple releases we’ve done fairly long beta/RC periods. I think it’s been good to be conservative. But they’ve also been too long for what we’ve actually needed. So if we think the release might be a bit smaller, we might consider a somewhat condensed period between feature-freeze and release. Not something we have to decide today.”


These are a few of our favorite things and suggestions for this dev cycle:

Improve BP Navigation from @im4th. @boonebgorges has started work on ticket last week refreshing the `BP_Nav` ideas. He will “dive into it after WP 4.4 comes out.”

Clear out all trac bugs from@tw2113.

Update Member home page to match new functionality of Group home page from @hnla. Can start off with user’s own `front.php` template and expand on top of this later.

BP Emails from @djpaulgibbs. This involves “architectural improvements to emails, and customizable emails. (#6592)

xProfiledata_meta from @boonebgorges.  Fix the way xProfile field visibility is stored (move from usermeta to xProfiledata_meta), which will make the data schema saner and also allow us to fix some search-related bugs.

Do the @todo items in codebase from @tw2113.

Improved caps from @im4th. Currently doing it in his template pack project.

Hashtags from @jconti. @slaffik noted that there are two BP-compatible hashtag plugins in WP repo. Chat continued on whether hashtags will be used for search vs. auto-completing hashtags or both.  @rayisme has worked on a fork of etiviti’s older hashtags plugin, will require at least some form of unicode support. He will be working on “Better compatibility when using ‘BP_ENABLE_USERNAME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE’ and UTF-8” which would also support emoji hashtags mentioned by @djpaulgibbs.

BP Template Versioning from @hnla. Feedback requested on current ticket to move the project forward.  (#6642) from @mercime. @djpaulgibbs noted the logistics required and testing will be needed before deployment. @boonebgorges mentioned some devs expect projects with stable APIs to have web-based documentation generated even when they are already big fans of the inline documentation.

Add “semi-private group” from @mercime. @boonebgorges pointed out that there were a couple tickets about separating the various parts of group status into standalone bits, so that you could make custom group types  like visibility vs join/invite vs who-can-invite etc. A version of “semi-private” would be some combination of these things. (#6094)

Bulk mentions for Groups from @jconti.  Feature is akin to Slack’s @ {here} {channel} {etc}. @djpaulgibbs noted that “the complexity there is around updating the notifications and probably a per-group setting to turn that on/off, when I rewrote the auto-suggest lookup stuff about a year ago, I had it in mind to be able to support group mentions, so there’s some work done already. @im4th brought up concern about notifications (emails) if a group has 200,000 members.

Reactions instead of favorites, dream from @im4th@boonebgorges replied with “A dream: BuddyPress Relationship Table and API.”  @djpaulgibbs: both ideas fill me with memories of many hours spent on those, I have like a quarter-done github branch somewhere porting Posts2Posts over if anyone’s really really keen. “

Update default templates from @hnla. Explore what we can do to update the default templates – perhaps with a focus on markup in core that can be extracted out to template directories.

There are more features, bug fixes, and enhancements not mentioned above that already have tickets in Trac and some that will have tickets soon. Join the fun in making this dev cycle another awesome one for the community!

Trac Tickets for the 2.5.0 milestone are available on this page.

Slack log:

Dev Chat Summary for November 18, 2015

BP 2.4.1

This could be released next week. Six tickets are in queue.

#6675 WP 4.4 deprecates wp_title()

  • As of last week, wp_title() has been “un-deprecated” per
  • Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Fifteen have removed wp_title() from header.php while Twenty Fourteen through Twenty Ten themes still have it.
  • Patches have been provided by @im4th and @rayisme. Feedback welcome.

#6716: bp-screen-reader-text class and Themes overriding buddypress.css

  • So far, no one has reported any issue about this in the BP Forums.
  • One way to check if you need to add the bp-screen-reader-text class in your stylesheet is by navigating to your Settings > Email notifications screen.

If you see “Yes, send email” and “No, do not send email”, do add the following to your theme’s stylesheet:

.bp-screen-reader-text { 
	clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); 
	position: absolute; 
	margin: -1px; 
	padding: 0; 
	height: 1px; 
	width: 1px; 
	overflow: hidden; 
	clip: rect(0 0 0 0); 
	border: 0; 
	word-wrap: normal !important; 

BP 2.4.0 Feedback

  1. @rayisme has compiled issues reported in our forums with links to the solutions and posted them within @im4th‘s announcement
  2. Feature request: ability to crop cover images. @im4th mentioned that he’s looking for a better solution than jcrop because imgAreaSelect is failing on mobile.

BP 2.5.0

Features and schedule will be discussed next week.

Slack log:

BuddyPress 2.4.0 “Pietro” is hot,…

BuddyPress 2.4.0 “Pietro” is hot, spicy, and ready to be served!
This is the post on announcing it:

Thanks again to all the contributors to 2.4.0 :
Ankit K Gupta, anthonyvalera, Boone B Gorges (boonebgorges), Brandon Allen (thebrandonallen), BuddyBoss, Christian Wach (needle), damland, danbp, daniluk4000, David Carson (davidtcarson), David Cavins (dcavins), Derek Herman (valendesigns), ganesh641, Hugo (hnla), J.D. Grimes, JeffMatson, jmarx75, John James Jacoby (johnjamesjacoby), Jon Breitenbucher (kahless), Jonathan Brinley (jbrinley), Joseph G. (dunhakdis), lakrisgubben, landwire, Laurens Offereins (Offereins) lenasterg, m@rk, mahype, Mathieu Viet (imath), mehulkaklotar, mercime, Michael Beckwith (tw2113), modemlooper, paresh.radadiya (pareshradadiya), Paul Gibbs (DJPaul), r-a-y, Rami Yushuvaev (ramiy), Ritesh Patel (ritteshpatel), Sergey Biryukov (SergeyBiryukov), shanebp, Slava UA (slaffik), Stephen Edgar (netweb), svenl77, Tanner Moushey, thomaslhotta, vnd, and willgladstone.

Hi! As usual, BuddyPress’ dev…

Hi! As usual, BuddyPress’ dev chat has been moved back to 20:00 UTC on Wednesdays, due to the magic of DST and timezones.

BuddyPress 2.4.0 RC1 is now…

BuddyPress 2.4.0 RC1 is now available. Get testing!

Git mirrors for BuddyPress

We recently made some additions to the Git mirrors that we provide for BuddyPress. There are three options:

  • git://
    • A read-only Git mirror of our development SVN (
    • Hosted by, this is our most stable Git repo.
    • Hashes could change in the future.
    • A read-only Github mirror of our development SVN (
    • Hashes will change in the future (to match
    • A read-only Github mirror of our release SVN (
    • Hashes will change in the distant future.
    • This is repo is new.

As always, we’re happy to accept contributions made from either Git or SVN checkouts. For all practical purposes, the SVN and Git repositories are now equals. The majority of the core team now use a Git-SVN repo to contribute to BuddyPress.


We made available today BuddyPress…

We made available today BuddyPress 2.4.0 beta 2. More details on