Ticket sprint call to action

There are lots of tickets marked for ‘Future Release’ and these need to be worked through.

With that in mind, lets have a ticket sprint on Monday 11th March starting at 7pm UTC and lasting a few hours. I suggest we all meet in the irc #buddypress-dev room (irc.freenode.net) and take from there.

The plan will be:

1. Select a ticket
2. Test against 1.7 beta (most recent available as of Monday) – does it still exist? Or is there not even enough information to test?
3. Leave it as future release if it does still exist.
4. If it doesn’t still happen then comment on the ticket you can’t replicate in 1.7 beta and resolve it as fixed.
5. If you do not have enough information to test comment on the ticket asking for more details.
6. Otherwise, if you have more information from testing update it or leave the ticket alone.

Note: Also keep an eye out for duplicates during this process as pointed out by @Boone

Anyone is welcome and the idea is you would pick a ticket and then assess if fixed already or needs more information. I hope others get involved as be great to see if we can clean down this section a bit.