Dev Chat Summaries as of July 5, 2017

BP 2.9 Schedule

  • Release Candidate 1 – July 12, 2017 (String Freeze)
  • Target release date – July 26, 2017
  • 58 tickets in queue (2 open. 56 closed)
  • BuddyPress Canonical Redirects and Trailing Slashes (#7555)
  • Welcome Screen for BP 2.9.0 (#7563)


Note: Per hnla’s BP 2.9 beta 2 announcement, bp-nouveau inclusion to core was moved to BP 3.0

Commits included tackling various tickets & help from dcavins, slaFFix, mercime, r-a-y, and DJPaul:

  • Issues with Ajax star actions in messages were corrected by dcavins.
  • Some markup errors & text strings corrected by slaFFix.
  • Tooltip implementation by mercime started its round of commits updating elements removing, title attr & replacing with data attr & strings along with ARIA attr where applicable.
  • Classes for vert nav layouts were refined & made a little more distinct between dir & single screens with a generic class for common properties.
  • Refined & corrected issues with markup for single screens filters/search bar to ensure correct markup and template driven.
  • Provided additional styling classes to allow inputs in addition to buttons can be styled as text links & changed cancel/resets actions to visual text styling.
  • Merged PR from R-a-y for loading Customizer conditionally.
  • Merged dcavins’ sitewide notices branch.
  • We’ve begun looking at the integration of Nouveau to core. DJPaul added a re-factoring of the plugin loader along with updates to bp core to effect the switcher. If you’re using the plugin version you might need to revisit the settings screen and re-select Nouveau as TP to use.
  • In addition, hnla has created a new MS install of WP/BP trunk copying the actual bp-nouveau folder from the plugin to the bp-templates dir in core, with a temp register template pack array added to core. He has successfully run Nouveau under BP as opposed to as a plugin. This was a nice proof of concept check that didn’t show any massive issues.

BuddyPress Team at WordCamp Europe 2017

BuddyPress team in Paris, 2017

From left to right: Laurens Offereins (Offereins), Slava Abakumov (slaffik), Boone B Gorges (boonebgorges), Mathieu Viet (imath), and Henry Wright (henry.wright). BuddyPress team members pose in front of “Pietro”, the BP 2.4.0 release pizza place. (Photo courtesy of Mathieu Viet)

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