BP Dev Chat Summary, September 18

5.0.0’s schedule

🎯 5.0.0 release: ~ September 30.

About 5.0.0 RC1

The release candidate was packaged on September 17. A few hours late comparing to the schedule: @im4th explained this was due to last minute fixes he had to do about failing unit tests for WordPress trunk (5.3 dev cycle).

So far no feedbacks were published about this release candidate in BP Trac or in BP Support Forums.

BP Rest API Documentation site

A first version of it is now available on developer.buddypress.org. There is still work to achieve to improve the responsiveness of the theme and the way it integrates itself into the BuddyPress.org network.

@boonebgorges and @im4th agreed it was ok to launch it in this state. @im4th will soon post about it on BuddyPress.org so that BuddyPress developers are informed about the BP REST API handbook availability.

5.0.0 remaining tasks

@boonebgorges will work on extracting the release props next week. As the BP REST API has been maintained on GitHub so far, we’ll need to incorpore manually these contributor names. He & im4th will also review the “Recent Rockstars” list.

@im4th will take care of drafting the first version of the announcement post and writing the release page on the Codex.

About the 🍕 name of the 5.0.0.. It’s a surprise !

Next dev-chat

It will happen on October 2 at 19:00 UTC in #BuddyPress slack channel 2 days after the 5.0.0 release. We will talk about its first feedbacks and about our first ideas for the next(s) development cycle(s).