August 3 dev-chat Summary & August 17 dev-chat Agenda

10.4.0 Maintenance release

  • @im4th & @dcavins had another look to the fix applied in #8715 and agreed it was the right move to avoid having the page to send group invites viewable by non-members of the group (even if it’s not usable to actually invite people to join the group).
  • This fix is the main reason why @im4th thinks we need to package a maintenance release.
  • Decision was made to release 10.4.0 before next dev-chat (as dev-chat is tomorrow, it’s more likely to happen before the end of the week, sorry for this delay 😞).

11.0.0 tickets needing attention

  • #8643 .webp image support for user profile images & user cover images. @dcavins gave his feedback about it & thanks to it @im4th improved the patch and committed it. In 11.0.0, you’ll be able to use a .webp image to set your profile photo or cover image 🙌 ✅.
  • #7614 Group members count routine needed improvements. @dcavins will give a deeper look to it. @im4th suggested to put in place a specific repair tool to eventually perform a recount for out of sync group members counts. This suggestion led to a longer discussion later during the chat see this part of the summary.
  • Some other tickets were discussed during the chat:
    • #8604 @dcavins & @im4th agreed generating a richer content for mini activities when they are displayed into single items is a bit “too much”. We’ve decided to bring back mini displays for these activities in these areas. In other words, Richer content will only be generated when viewing these mini activities into the Activity Site Wide directory. See this commit for more information about it.
    • #4535 @dcavins volunteered to work on adapting @im4th first patch so that it also fixes the issue about activity duplicates when loading the load more button for the BP Legacy template pack.

Open floor

  • Let’s introduce a mechanism to safely upgrade a big range of data in batch. This was the subject of the long discussion we had first, calling @boonebgorges to the rescue 🦸🏼‍♂️. To go straight to the point, he suggested us to use the same mechanism he included into WordPress Core when he needed to upgrade taxonomies to achieve shared-term-splitting, because “you have to make sure that upgrades of this sort degrade gracefully. You have to leave logic in place for what happens when a site hasn’t run through its upgrade routine“. He shared with us links to the key parts of the WordPress code so that we can get some inspiration from his work 😍.
  • BuddyPress PHP Code Standards: @espellcaste suggested to create a custom BuddyPress PHPCS ruleset that any BP project can use. @im4th agreed it was a good idea and this GH repository has been created to house this ruleset. @espellcaste‘s plan is to progressively improve BP Core’s code so that it comply with this ruleset. It’s a lot of work and if some of you want to give him a hand, you’re very welcome.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen tomorrow on August 17 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. Here’s our agenda :

Thanks in advance to the contributors who will join this chat 🙏🤝

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BP Rewrites’ first beta

Hi BuddyPress contributors!

Do you remember when I’ve first introduced you to this feature as a plugin on August 2021? It’s now time we take a new step about it: prepare the plugin to be hosted on the plugin directory to encourage massive testing!

Why do we need massive testing?

If you haven’t read BP Rewrites’ Alpha announcement post, here’s the short version: using the WordPress Rewrite API means setting BuddyPress globals later than it happens today. It requires us to make sure BuddyPress plugins/themes using these globals too early can still get their values putting in place a backward compatibility mechanism. BP Rewrites 1.0.0-beta1 includes such a mechanism and informs the user about the too early call when the WP_DEBUG constant is set to true.

For instance, the following code:

function test_bp_current_component() {
    printf( '<p>The current component is: <strong>%s</strong></p>', bp_current_component() );
add_action( 'bp_init', 'test_bp_current_component' );

Would generate the following notice before returning the BP global’s value:

There’s no secret: the only way to have enough confidence into this backward compatibility mechanism to start thinking of merging BP Rewrites into BuddyPress Core is to test, test and test again. The more we are to test, the more specific WP/BP configurations we test and the best we update/improve the backward compatibility mechanism so that end users won’t suffer from the Legacy URL Parser to WP Rewrite URL parser switch: anticipating is less painful than healing!

Is testing the BP Rewrites feature as a plugin safe for users?

I think so 😅. Let’s explain what happens when you activate and deactivate the BP Rewrites plugin.

Once activated, The plugin is editing the post type of the existing BuddyPress pages in favor of the buddypress post type. That’s why you don’t see the BuddyPress pages anymore (as long as the BP Rewrites plugin is active) into the corresponding WordPress Administation edit screen. The BuddyPress Pages settings screen is replaced by a BuddyPress URLs settings screen. This last screen is where you define custom slugs which will be saved as a post meta of the corresponding BuddyPress post type/page item. Then the BP Rewrites plugin is taking benefit from BuddyPress hooks/APIs to change BP Core’s behavior.

When you deactivate the plugin, buddypress post type’s items are switched back to regular pages and you get them back into the corresponding WordPress Administation edit screen. Post metas are still there in case you want to activate BP Rewrites back (this can happen when you’re testing another BuddyPress plugin). If you absolutely want to get rid of these post metas, you can delete the BuddyPress pages, create new ones and redo the page mapping from the BuddyPress Pages settings screen.

What are the benefits of using the WP Rewrite API to parse BuddyPress URLs?

From a developer’s point of view

As @boonebgorges wrote into this ticket first lines:

BP’s custom URI parser (living mostly in bp_core_set_uri_globals()) is slow, error-prone, non-extensible, non-testable, and out of step with WP best practices.

Boone B. Gorges, 9 years ago 😱

As a result, using the WP Rewrite API should be faster, more reliable, extensible, testable and fully compliant with WP best practices 😉.

From a end user’s point of view

This would bring plain URLs compatibility. If you want to use BuddyPress today: using pretty permalinks is required. With BP Rewrites, this is no more the case, you can use BuddyPress with any type of permalinks.

Plain URL permalinks can be used when BP Rewrites is active!

For end users using pretty permalinks, they have full control of any BuddyPress URLs! Today regular users can only change the directory permalinks from the WordPress page editor and advanced users can use some specific constants to customize some other URLs. With BP Rewrites, you can customize ALL BuddyPress URLs including the Group creation steps. They can do it so that it’s more meaningful for their local members and I’ve heard doing so was best for SEO 😁. For instance a french user like me understands better this BP Rewrites generated URL:


than the current BuddyPress one:


The BuddyPress URLs settings screen

This the place where you control all BuddyPress URLs. All can be a lot! In the above screenshot we only have the Activity and Members component active. Since BP Rewrites’ alpha version we’ve improved this screen to use the “site-health” screen accordion UI.

The “Directory” panels are a bit specific compared to others. In this panels you can also customize the directory titles. This was needed because we are not using the WordPress Page Editor when BP Rewrites is active to edit directory permalink or title.

Let’s say I want the URL to reach the User’s Profile Image change screen to be site.url/membres/username/profil/modifier-avatar/ instead of site.url/members/imath/profile/change-avatar/. I first need to make sure the Members Directory slug is set to membres.

Components like Members or Groups can have “single item” screens or member and group screens. For the Members component, you’ll first be able to customize the main (or primary) screens using the “Single Member primary views slugs” panel.

To carry on the example we started about customizing the User’s Profile Image change screen URL: in this panel, I’ll be able to change the profile part for profil.

For each subnav (or secondary) items components add to their main (or primary), you’ll be able to customize their slugs using the corresponding “Single Member component_name secondary views slugs” panel.

To finish my example about customizing the User’s Profile Image change screen URL: in the “Single Member Profile secondary views slugs” panel, I can edit change-avatar in favor of modifier-avatar and click on the “Save Settings” blue button to validate these changes. And here’s what happens when I reach site.url/membres/username/profil/modifier-avatar/:

It succesfully loads the Change Avatar screen 😅.

If you activated Groups, you can customize the Creation step views, the views every Member of a group can reach and the Group Admins specific views from the corresponding panels of the User Groups accordion section.

Let’s contribute to BuddyPress’ next way of parsing URLs: test BP Rewrites 1.0.0-beta1

Please note BP Rewrites requires BuddyPress 10.0.0. Make sure to download the file from the Plugin’s GitHub repository release page. Use the “Add new” WordPress Administration Plugin screen to upload the zip file. Finally check BuddyPress is activated before activating BP Rewrites.

Happy testing 🏈 🐏 🐅

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BP Dev Chat Summary : september 1st, 2021

10.0.0 Progress

  • Shortly before the dev chat started @dcavins shared his progress about the Site Membership Requests feature: he did preparative work needed for the feature by improving the BP Signup Class and fixed 2 tickets (#8540, #7938).
  • Thanks to a discussion between @vapvarun & @im4th about 2 BP plugins @vapvarun will soon make available on the WP plugins directory (about global BP Search and using the big G reCaptcha service to secure some parts of BuddyPress), @im4th will explore the possibility to add 2 new BP Blocks: 1 to perform global search, the other to display a member’s community statistics.
  • To help @sbrajesh organize the BP Relationships API, @johnjamesjacoby created the corresponding repository on BuddyPress’s GH.
  • @espellcaste asked for a dev review about his approach on adding pagination to message threads (#8508) and thanked @im4th for the one he provided about #7614.
  • @espellcaste also introduced some very interesting functions to get a Group object, making it possible to use template functions outside of the Groups loop. You should have a look to this commit.

10.0.0 first schedule

  • 10.0.0-beta 1: ~ november 20, 2021,
  • 10.0.0 stable: ~ december 24, 2021 🎄

BP Rewrites feature as a plugin

Although @im4th only said he was making good progress about the feature during the dev chat, let’s warmly thank the first contributors who joined the adventure of using the WP Rewrite API to replace our legacy URL parser: @shanebp @boonebgorges & @rayisme 🥰.

@im4th strongly encourages all BP Plugin/theme developers to give a test to this feature as a plugin to contribute to the next way BuddyPress will parse URLs.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on September 15 at 19:30 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat summary: March 31, 2021

8.0.0 progress

  • @dcavins made interesting progress about the Network invites ticket (#8139) working on a new patch to manage optouts (see #8448). He was happy to get feedbacks from @boonebgorges and @im4th about it. As it would be really great to have this feature added to Core for the 8.0.0 milestone @im4th has offered his help with the BP Nouveau Template pack JS/PHP parts needed to be improved to welcome the feature. @dcavins will update the main ticket with directions about this area.
  • @vapvarun will submit new patches about these two tickets:
    • Acceptance Checkbox Field (#4747)
    • new BP Email when a user has successfully validated their account (#8428)
  • @im4th added some patches about improving the signup form customization (#6347), feedbacks are very welcome, there’s a demo of the first patch after this bullet list.
  • @im4th suggested, once again, we update the initial 8.0.0 schedule to give us 1 extra week (3 more than the initial schedule) to try to have the Network Invites feature ready for 8.0.0 and finally decide about its inclusion in 8.0.0 during next dev-chat.
  • @espellcaste did a great job about caching the item schemas to improve the BP REST API performance (#GH386). He will try to work on the ticket about migrating BP Core builds to GitHub Actions (#8421) in the coming weeks.
Demo of the first patch on #6347

Updated 8.0.0 schedule

  • 8.0.0-beta1: April 22
  • 8.0.0 stable release: May 26.

Open Floor

@vapvarun shared the latest plugin he submitted to Plugins Directory. If you’re looking for a nice way to preview any links into your activities, give it a try 😉

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on April 14 at 19:30 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat Summary: October 21, 2020

7.0.0-beta1 feedbacks

7.0.0-beta1 was released on October 16. So far, nothing specific to it was posted into our support forums. At the time we had the meeting, @im4th, thanks to @IAmTheWebb tests, had reported an issue (now fixed) with the Activity Embed block into our Trac environment. This last Friday @k3690 reported a wrong usage of the member term into a Group Type meta property (now fixed).

7.0.0 remaining tickets

  • #8292 @vapvarun submitted a patch during the meeting 💪, @im4th reviewed it some time after, brought some minor improvements and it has been fixed yesterday. It’s now possible to assigned more than one member types to users from their WP Admin Extended Profile 🙌 .
  • About #8179, @im4th asked @vapvarun to update the ticket with 2 squared corner avatars with these dimensions: 150px x 150px (full) & 50px x 50px (thumb). @im4th will try to progress on a patch in the meantime.
  • We’ve postponed #8093 (Profile Field visibility improvements) to a next milestone.
  • #8375 was reopened by the reporter, as the filter we’ve added wasn’t matching its needs. @dcavins @johnjamesjacoby & @im4th have been discussing about it last week in #BuddyPress and came to the conclusion a possible better place to allow the invitation table’s name filtering was to include the {$bp_prefix}bp_invitations table name into the global_tables property of the BP_Members_Component object. @dcavins will investigate this week about that possible change.
  • Finally shortly after our meeting, @boonebgorges reported a new ticket about improving the xprofile_get_field() function so that it only pulls up the data for a field when necessary. The patch he suggested as a first step looks safe to @im4th who thinks it should be included into the 7.0.0 release: it’s always great to improve DB performance. Please have a look at #8378 and send him some feedbacks about your thoughts.

7.0.0 release schedule update

We are going to package a new 7.0.0-beta to include as much fixes as possible considering the previous chapter. Packaging will happen shortly after our next BP Dev-Chat.

  • 7.0.0-beta2: November 4th
  • 7.0.0-RC1: around November 18 (string freeze).
  • 7.0.0: December 1st 🎯

7.0.0 release tasks

The following list of tasks needs to be achieved before we package our next major release (7.0.0).

BP REST API documentation updates@im4th
BP Survey results@im4th
7.0.0 Release note@vapvarun
7.0.0 Credits update:
– BuddyPress Trac
– BP REST GitHub repository

7.0.0 Pizza Restaurant name@dcavins
7.0.0 Announcement post@im4th

NB: we’ll also need to add a patch to #8376 to update our “Hello BuddyPress” modal.

GitHub default branch naming for BuddyPress repositories

This point was moved to a future development meeting. @johnjamesjacoby shared his thoughts about it. Possibilities are main or trunk. FYI WordPress contributors decided to use trunk for repositories of the WordPress organization on August 19.

Open floor

@dcavins asked a question about using the new BuddyPress development environment: when making changes to the BuddyPress source code, he was wondering how is updated the running environment? In other words, do we need to run some specific commands to update it?

@im4th replied changes were automatically taken in account without doing anything more than saving the BuddyPress source code changes. @IAmTheWebb confirmed: “the folder you see outside docker is mapped to inside, so changes you make should appear automagically

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on November 4 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat Summary: September 23, 2020

First, here’s a clarification regarding the context in which this meeting took place : @im4th thought we were a week before 7.0.0-beta1 release 😆 and urge BuddyPress contributors to review the remaining tickets scheduled for the 7.0.0 milestone! We’re now (October 3rd) 2 weeks away from this beta release 😇.

Postponed features

Due to lack of time, we’ve decided to work on the following features during the 8.0.0 development cycle:

  • Attachments for BuddyPress (#8022)
  • BP Members Invitations (#8139)
  • Block based Activity post form (#8319) *
  • Activity Scheduling (#7953) *

* FYI: the BP Blocks plugin used to develop BP Blocks is also used to develop these two features. You can early play with the Block Based Activity post form and the activity scheduling feature, thanks to this plugin, on a testing site. Contributions are always welcome!

7.0.0 updates

  • BP Types UI have been included into Core. It’s now possible to manage Group & Member types from the WordPress administration. More information about it here.
  • The BP REST API now includes a new endpoint to let logged in users to create new blogs (if the network settings allow it). See this GitHub PR.

7.0.0 remaining tickets

7.0.0 BP Blocks

There will be a new block to embed an activity into a post. During the dev chat we agreed it was important to add 2 more blocks : BP Members & BP Groups blocks. See #8369. (The members one has since been built!)

Some great code improvements has been added by @espellcaste into the BP Blocks plugin. He also suggested we start having regular meetings specific to BuddyPress blocks. So here’s a poll to see if you’re interested about it.

Here are some topics we could discuss about during these specific meetings:

  • How to attract WP Block developers to have fun with BP ones?
  • How to smoothly prepare the Block Based Activity post form merge into Core so that BuddyPress Plugins developer can start working on migrating the feature they add to the legacy post form into the block based one?
  • How BuddyPress could benefit from React, WP React components + BP REST API to improve the user experience?
  • What about a “Block ready” Template pack or a BuddyPress standalone theme?

7.0.0 release schedule

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15 💆🏻
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st

Open floor

We’ve been discussing about how to improve the way we communicate towards contributors about features/code improvements added to upcoming BuddyPress releases. @im4th suggested to use this blog to post these kind of updates making sure to use the “Development notes” a sub-category of it for the version number. For instance you can quickly read important changes to expect in BuddyPress 7.0.0 from there: Development notes/7.0.

@IAmTheWebb asked us about how he could update some BP Codex pages. Regular contributors we trust like him can ping me @imath on WP Slack or request an access during our Core dev-chats to make this happen! We are very interested into welcoming new Documentation contributors 🙌 🤝.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on October 7 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat Summary: September 9, 2020 redesign project

This project will now have its own development meeting every other Tuesday in #BuddyPress at 19:00 UTC. We’ll start this coming Tuesday: September 15. If you want to help us build the next‘s appearance, you are very welcome to join us.

6.3.0 maintenance release

Get ready to update your BuddyPress! We’ll publish this maintenance release early this coming Monday: September 14. An announcement post and a release note on our official site will explain the 3 fixes that will contain the 6.3.0 version of BuddyPress.

7.0.0 release cycle updates

@im4th raised attention on the #8355 ticket. We have an important decision to take about how we’re adding the bp_moderate cap to site Administrators. Me, @boonebgorges and @johnjamesjacoby have been working on this ticket recently and I believe it’s important other Core Developers give this ticket a look and eventually add their feedback to it.

@im4th also shared his decision to start working on adding the BP Types UI (Groups: #7179, Members: #7181) into BuddyPress trunk: expect to see a bunch of commits within the next 2 weeks!

@vapvarun shared his feedbacks about the @wordpress/env module we’ve added last week. He tested it using Microsoft Windows (Many thinks to him 😍 ) and find out it requires 2 other Node development dependencies:

@im4th will look for a way to include these dependencies only when BuddyPress is used on a Microsoft Windows platform.

@dcavins will post the Members Invitations updated patch next week. For 7.0.0 he plans to include the basic features making sure to have hooks at the right place to let plugin developers easily extend them.

After the dev-chat, @espellcaste wrote some updates about his latest contributions to the BP REST API and the BP WP CLI plugins:

    • He added improvements to the Travis config
    • We now have support for PHP 7.4
    • He’ll be working on the blog’s create_item endpoint soon and thinks it’ll be ready for the 7.0.0 release :doigts_croisés::couleur_de_peau-5:
    • He added a new command to scaffold BuddyPress tests to a plugin: wp bp scaffold tests
    • He also added improvements to the Travis config.

7.0.0 release schedule

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15 😬
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on September 23 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat summary: july 29, 2020

BP Types UI

We took a decision about whether to package a plugin or directly merge the Member Types and Group Types Administration UI into BuddyPress. BP Types UI will be introduced in BuddyPress 7.0.0. You can already test/review the patch about it.

6.2.0 Maintenance release

We’ve released it as scheduled on August 6. See this announcement post for more info about it.

7.0.0 release cycle updates

@boonebgorges has committed a more permanent fix than the one we included in 6.2.0 about the deprecation of WordPress options containing the black/white terms into their name and also remove these same terms from the xProfile component & moderation code (#8339). If you find some more places in our codebase where we can improve the language used for a better contributors inclusivity, don’t hesitate to add patches to the ticket.

@espellcaste requested and got a second opinion about #8011 & #8308. We then discussed about the best way to tackle the BP REST API’s #342 issue. @boonebgorges wrote a summary of what we decided into this comment.

@dcavins gave us updates about his progress on Network invites (see #8139). The new code will be added to the Members component and a new DB table will be created to handle opt-outs for non-site-members.

@im4th shared about his work on the BP Blocks’ front. A new block is now included to share posts/pages into the activity stream. It uses the Activity Block based post form. See this PR for more info about it.

7.0.0 release schedule

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st redesign

Unfortunately we ran out of time (@im4th ‘s fault!). @mercime & @vapvarun are doing great progress you can follow from this GANTT chart.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on August 12 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat summary: july 1st, 2020

7.0.0 development cycle

  • @vapvarun & @mercime have tested #8317 (Many thanks to them 😍). Results are: it works using Ubuntu server, MacOs, Windows 10 Pro and better, Windows home (after enabling WSL2). @im4th believes we should include the @wordpress/env into our repository to simplify the way people can quickly have a development environment to start contributing to BuddyPress.
  • We spoke about #8291 and the attached patch to the ticket. @vapvarun tested it in current WordPress and WordPress < 5.3 successfully 👌. The patch has been committed a few days ago.
  • @im4th gave updates about the delete confirmation screens @adil has been contributing to (many thanks to him 💪). There are now confirmation screens on the same way we’re doing it for Group items when you delete a group of xProfile fields #8305, an xProfile field #8321 and an activity #8304 from their Administration screens.
  • @mercime will soon update a first patch to #8301 to improve BP Nouveau’s compatibility with Twenty Twenty. new design

@mercime explained how she and @vapvarun could progress on the project posting tickets and patches on Meta Trac. It’s the most direct way as the bb-base and the buddypress-org themes are hosted on this SVN repository. A possible downside would be commit access, but we can always set a GitHub repository to iterate and post tickets/patches regularly on Meta Trac. @mercime is working on scheduling/organizing tasks and has shared a GANTT with the contributing team.

Homework! 👨‍🏫

At the end of our development meeting, @im4th shared about the improvements he and @boonebgorges have added to the BP Types UI plugin lately. The goal of this plugin was to explore ways to add an Administration UI to manage BuddyPress Group and Member Types. After exploring a Post Type possible road, we are now extending the WP Terms UI so that it’s possible to add/edit/delete new types and it’s possible to customize types registered by code (we’re keeping the best of both processes). Below are some screenshots about how it looks at the current stage:

Here comes the homework: how should we make these UIs available for testing to eventually include them into BuddyPress 7.0.0 (or up) ? I see 2 big options:

  • include this into core directly and use our beta releases to test it.
  • package a plugin from GitHub and ask contributors to test it.

What is/are yours? Let’s talk about it during our next dev-chat!

7.0.0 Release Schedule

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on July 15 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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BP Dev-Chat Summary: June 3rd, 2020

For this meeting we chose to focus on defining the next features the team will work on for the 7.0.0 development cycle as well as first information about the 7.0.0 release schedule.

7.0.0 Features whishlist

@im4th first thanked the contributors who submitted tickets to our Call for Tickets. If you haven’t had the chance to add yours yet, you still have time: the call’s deadline is set to June 17.

7.0.0 Release Schedule

At the end of our meeting we agreed on this schedule:

  • 7.0.0-beta1: October 15
  • 7.0.0 : December 1st

I’ve just updated the 7.0.0 milestone: let’s start contributing to this great release!

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on June 17 at 19:00 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress. If you have ideas or questions, feel free (and we are strongly encouraging you) to comment this summary to share them!

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