BP Dev-Chat Summary : June 8, 2022 & June 22 BP Dev-Chat agenda

Features for BuddyPress next major release (11.0.0)

The BP Attachments React based UI
  • @im4th shared a GitHub link to an issue summarizing what is/will be inside the BP Attachments feature informing the delete action was still missing. Since this chat, he included this action to the React based UI. As you can see in the above screenshot, one of the goal is to be able to create folders to organize user generated media.
  • @im4th & @johnjamesjacoby agreed it was ok to bump WordPress required version to 5.7 in BuddyPress 11.0.0, see #8709.
  • As we lost ourselves into endless conversations about using PHPCS, @im4th said he would like to see a first patch added to #7228. He thinks this patch should include a GitHub action so that GitHub PR submitted to our repository could be checked against the PHPCS rules we choose to observe.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen today on June 22 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. Here’s our agenda :

  • A new strategy for a Block based activity post form.
  • BP Attachments & Media in 11.0.0
  • Let’s work on things we can use for BuddyPress.org: a new bundled BP Theme (as a replacement to BP Default?)
  • Let’s work on removing our dependency to jQuery.
  • BP Rewrites 1.3.0: bbPress forward compatibility!

Let’s try to be a lot of BuddyPress contributors to join this chat 🙏🤝

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : May 25, 2022 & June 11 BP Dev-Chat agenda

First thoughts about BuddyPress next major release (11.0.0)

  • @dcavins & @im4th started this topic trying to reply to the question « what is the most awaited BuddyPress feature? » Both came to the conclusion it was about Media. A component to improve the way BuddyPress handles user media is a huge challenge, but we think it’s a good time to start making decisive progress about it.
  • @im4th shared the GItHub link to the BP Attachments feature as a plugin informing the plugin was using the REST API, React & Block components.
  • @im4th also needs to tidy a bit the GitHub repository so that @dcavins and the rest of the team can catch up about progress made so far and so that we’ll be able to share some tasks.
  • @dcavins suggested we focus on Media during the 11.0.0 development cycle and include the issues we’ve already added to the 11.0.0 milestone such as bringing Multisite support to Site Invitations.

Documentation effort

We’ve decided to put documentation meetings on hold for now. Here’s what @im4th said about it « Updating doc is a huge challenge, but we need some more motivation like new people helping us. I think not getting help about it is a bit frustrating ». The staging site is still available and we can carry on improving things from there when we can find some time to.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen tomorrow on June 8 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. Here’s our agenda :

  • BP Attachments & Media in 11.0.0
  • Required WP version for 11.0.0

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : May 11, 2022.

Trac updates

  • #8693 we first talked about the behavior of the site invitations feature when BuddyPress is completely using the signups table (Multisite and custom WordPress config). We’ll need to add this feature support to these configs during the 11.0 development cycle.
  • As WordPress 6.0 is just around the corner, we will package a new maintenance release (10.3.0) asap to fix 7 bugs.
    • #8688 will bring a more optimized way to count group members.
    • Improvements to the BP Nouveau Template pack and to the Private Messages component.
    • A MySQL notice error which was logged when multiple notifications were batch marked as read #8676
  • We finally decided to punt #8687 to 11.0.0 to improve the way we load deprecated code. The plan is to only load the code that was deprecated 2 versions ahead the current one.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on May 25 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : April 13, 2022.

BP Rewrites 1.0.0-RC1 feedbacks and next steps

@dcavins & @im4th agreed it was time to submit the plugin to the WordPress Plugins directory to enter into the massive testing time of the BP Rewrites feature as a plugin. Having the plugin available into this directory will make it easier for more people to test it and will help us to do the potential adjustments before thinking about merging the feature into BuddyPress Core. Get ready to have it soon listed into the BuddyPress Add-ons tab of the “Add New” Plugin screen of your WordPress dashboard.

BP Trac updates

  • #8676 (Notifications already marked as read issue) has been fixed and will be part of 10.3.0 minor release
  • #8675 (Group Invites User screen improvement) is almost ready to be committed (we still need to check it with the BP REST API). The work @oztaser and @im4th did on the ticket is a good example of how GitHub Trac integration can speed up our patch/PR review process. This enhancement will be part of 11.0.0 major release.

BP Support forum updates

This topic about DB overheat brought our attention although we were not able to reproduce the issue. We suspect a plugin interference. If you have any inputs about it, don’t hesitate to comment the topic to help us 🙏..

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on April 27 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : March 2, 2022.

10.1.0 feedbacks

Apart from a mysterious bug about the avatar crop step (we were not able to reproduce it so far), and a question about how to bring back legacy widgets, @vapvarun confirmed there was no alerts posted in our support forum.

@dcavins is using the 10.0.0 new features on several new sites and so far he hasn’t found any other issues.

10.2.0 Schedule

Unfortunately the notifications user cache issue was partly fixed in this release, see #8642. @im4th is in favor of packaging a new maintenance release soon to include the fix committed lately as well as other 10.0.0 regression issues that could have been fixed in the meantime. @vapvarun & @dcavins agreed about this plan 👉 expect 10.2.0 to be released asap!

Open floor

@im4th has been tested BuddyPress using PHP 8.1. He has found a lot of notices and improving our support to this PHP version will need some heavy changes about our PHPUnit testcases, see #8649.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on March 16 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : February 16, 2022.

10.1.0 maintenance release

@im4th started the meeting asking if the team has seen something specific relative to the 10.0.0 upgrade. An issue about avatar upload was found there. So far none of us were able to reproduce the issue. @im4th wondered if it could be some users disabling the Backbone base UI in favor of the legacy one. He has tested since this situation and there is a bug preventing the avatar to be successfully uploaded in 10.0.0. It has been fixed by @oztaser into trunk and the 10.0 branch, see #8619.

@vapvarun shared about the issue rtMedia had with the Groups component, it has been fixed by the plugin authors since in plugin version 4.6.10. He also shared an issue about the Privacy page not being included into the registration form when it should. This issue is still under investigation.

Team agreed we need to package a maintenance release. We were planning to do it at the end of last week, but some other issues were reported on Trac so we prefered to delay a bit to include fix for these new issues. As soon as the last one will be fixed (See #8637), we’ll package 10.1.0 (probably later today or tomorrow).

BP Rewrites’ first beta

@im4th published an announcement post on this blog a few days ago. It’s important to prepare the plugin to be hosted on WordPress.org so that testing is made more widely. @oztaser already started to test the plugin and found some issues, fixed most of them. The one issue that is not fixed yet is the one that happens when you activate BP Rewrites before BuddyPress.

@dcavins shared his doubt about his plugins: “My doubt there is I know I’ve written plugins that run on bp_init . It will be interesting to see if they all blow up.”

That’s precisely the goal of the Backcompat mechanism the plugin is including which needs the most testing. @im4th said “The goal is to try to  have a first version with the less bugs as possible to publish it on WordPress.org plugin directory and see how it goes when used more widely. Then wait a few BuddyPress releases like 2 or 3 to be sure it’s ok to merge it into Core”.

4 to 6 months to improve the BuddyPress’ documentation site

No major releases, all energy on docs!


We’re all in favor of spending the energy we put in building a major release into improving the documentation site. And we’ll try to do it by organizing each other wednesdays (when we usually meet to talk about BuddyPress development) a “contributing to docs hour”. From 19:30 UTC to 20:00 UTC, we’ll discussed about potential maintenance releases and from 20:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC everyone is welcome to contribute to BuddyPress documentation.

@vapvarun said we need a direct link fromt this site to the official BuddyPress site, it has been added into the “Official site resources” sidebar widget ✅. He can also contribute with walkthrough videos.

We’re all very eager to start this new type of meetings and we really hope you’ll be a lot to join us.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on March 02 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

First Contributing-to-docs-hour

It will happen on March 02 at 20:00 UTC in #BuddyPress

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : February 2, 2022.

Unfortunately, not many of us could join the meeting. Points about 10.0 first feedbacks, 10.1.0 release schedule and the documentation effort were not really discussed.


@im4th shared his concern about the regression we introduced about the custom xProfile field options sort order, it’s now fixed. See #8623.

10.1.0 schedule

  • 10.1.0 stable: TBD 🎯

Documentation improvements

@im4th simply shared this message: “if you’re interested in contributing to the BuddyPress documentation, don’t hesitate to ping me. We’d like to improve the BP codex and we’ll need help

Open floor

@rekmla shared feedbacks about the 10.0.0 Site Membership request feature.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on February 16 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. The agenda will be the same as it was for this chat 😉

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : January 5, 2022.

Some complementary explanations about the 9.2.0 release

@im4th started the meeting saying some words about this minor version which was released on January 3rd. The download spike (~39K downloads) was reached on January 4th. He apologized about the fact he took the decision quite in a rush without discussing about it during a dev-chat. He explained he wanted to have the BP Search Block released in the WordPress.org directory the soonest so that he could focus on the BP Rewrites feature as a plugin for the coming 15 days. 9.2.0 is including a change needed by the BP Search Block (activity search redirection support).

About BP Rewrites, @johnjamesjacoby wants to dive deeper into the plugin. @im4th said it was ok to delay its release after BuddyPress 10.0.0, if needed, as it’s a BP plugin. He also shared his opinion about a BP Core potential merge.

I believe it needs to stay an add-on for at least 2 major BuddyPress releases, there are too many plugins we need to make sure they still behave right before thinking about merging it into BP Core.


Finishing the 10.0.0 Hello BuddyPress screen

If you’ve started testing the RC1 release (if not, do it now!), you already saw it has been finished (See #8605). During the chat, we’ve decided about the 10.0.0 features we want to highlight into this screen:

We also decided to release RC1 as soon as we could (it happened 2 days later) as we already postponed twice our schedule.

Last 10.0.0 schedule

  • 10.0.0-RC: January 7, 2022 🏁 ✅
  • 10.0.0 stable: January 17, 2022 🎯

Open floor

@dcavins has been using the 10.0.0-beta2 release on some decent traffic sites and it seems to be working well 💪 😎

@vapvarun brought up to our attention this support forum topic. Our discussion about it lead to an important decision for our next major release : if ! is_buddypress() no more BP Template Pack CSS/JS. @imath also wishes we use a more modular approach for our JavaScript assets as well as less/no dependency to jQuery.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on January 19 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. We should be able to check the first feedbacks about 10.0.0 😉

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : December 22, 2021.

A 10.0.0-beta2 before RC

In case you missed it 10.0.0-beta2 was released on December 23. We decided to package this new beta version because @dcavins found a regression about the way custom Group extensions were registered. In short: in case there were more than one Group extension into the loading queue, only the last one were actually registered. @dcavins did a great job identifying the issue, finding the root cause and fixing it. For more information: #8558.

If, as a Plugin author, you are using the Group Extension API, we strongly recommend you to test 10.0.0-beta2.

Other 10.0.0 tickets

  • @vapvarun added a patch about #7540. @im4th reviewed it before committing it the day after the dev-chat. Members can now exit from a multi recipients Private Message thread.
  • During the chat @im4th said #8474 would stay opened until WordPress 5.9 is released. We’re finding small issues with Full Site Editing the more we test BuddyPress with it. If you’re contributing to WordPress 5.9 beta tests, make sure to test BuddyPress with Twenty Twenty-Two: we need your contributions!
  • About #8604 @vapvarun suggested to wait for the first feedbacks about the « richer » logging activities before eventually adapting them according to the context they’re displayed in.

10.0.0 stable release tasks repartition

We need the Hello BuddyPress screen updates to be accomplished before 10.0.0-RC is published. @dcavins already prepared the credit updates, he will write a few lines about Site Membership requests. @vapvarun will also write some lines about logging activities. See #8605.

New 10.0.0 schedule

We’ve postponed the stable release date by 10 days to leave enough time to polyglots contributors to update BuddyPress translations.

  • 10.0.0-RC: January 3rd, 2022 👈
  • 10.0.0 stable: January 15, 2022 🎯

Open floor

@dcavins & @vapvarun suggested we work on documentation updates for the time of a major release development cycle so that our codex can get some ❤️. Today, a lot of screenshots are outdated and latest improvements about BuddyPress are not necessarily explained there. We decided to give this huge task a 4 to 6 months time frame and why not try to gather some contributors into a BuddyPress documentation team. If you’re interested in being part of such a team: let us know!!!

We’ll also try to make our code reference available on developer.buddypress.org.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen next year on January 5 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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BP Dev-Chat Summary : December 15, 2021.

10.0.0-beta1 1st feedbacks

A theme related issue was posted into our support topic @dcavins gave some explanations of possible reasons for this issue and the reporter said he would ask the premium theme authors for support.

10.0.0 remaining tickets

  • @vapvarun will soon post a patch about #7540.
  • During the chat @im4th said he would work on #8088, #8589 and #8474. He fixed the 2 first and committed fixes about the third.
  • About #8604 @dcavins agreed suggested changes were making sense. The patch still needs to be built.

10.0.0 stable release tasks repartition

@dcavins wrote a codex page about alternative registration workflows and volunteered to take in charge the credits list and part of the « Hello BuddyPress 10.0.0 » screen.

10.0.0 schedule

  • 10.0.0-RC: TBD 👈
  • 10.0.0 stable: January 5, 2022 🎯

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen next week on December 22 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress.

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