BP Dev-Chat summary: May 15, 2023

12.0.0 development cycle updates

#4954: The main parts of the BP Rewrites merge has been accomplished and this 10 years old ticket is now fixed 👴 🏁. Huge thanks to all contributors who helped making this happen. Of course, improvements can still be brought to our new BP Rewrites API, but these will be discussed/worked on from new tickets. Our next steps is to finish the job on moving our Deprecated Legacy URL parser inside the BP Classic backward compatibility plugin.

About #8869: the moving process of Legacy widgets to the BP Classic plugin was still in progress at the time of our meeting, it’s now accomplished 🏁.

#8734 @dcavins has started to plan ahead to make the implementation of the visibility feature as flexible/extensible as possible.


  • 12.0.0-beta1 : July 30,
  • 12.0.0 : October 30.

Feedback posts series

@im4th & @dcavins talked about the third post of this series: @dcavins did the review process and it’s now available on BuddyPress.org.

Open floor

We finally talked about the ActivityPub protocol and ways to implement it since @im4th was contacted about it by a WordPress news Podcast. As a French guy, @im4th feels very impressed by the idea of discussing in English so he asked @dcavins to the rescue. After a few minutes of discussion, they both agreed it was a bit early to share BuddyPress vision about the Fediverse. The fall period should be a better timing to do so. @im4th did this reply to the Podcast host.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on May 29 at 21:00 UTC in #BuddyPress. If you have specific points or ideas you want to discuss about, don’t hesitate to share them in comments.

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