Contributor Wants/Needs for 2.0 Dev Cycle

Today, during the #buddypress-dev chat on irc the community chatted about things they wished to contribute during the 2.0 dev cycle.

“I believe that individual features get built quicker and in a more robust way when more than one developer/designer/plumber/etc is directly involved in that process. I think this is the most important workflow change we could and should make this year.” – Paul Gibbs

I’ve compiled a list of things from todays dev chat that contributors want to accomplish before the 2.0 release. The ideas discussed today along with the results of the recent BuddyPress survey will help determine additional milestones. You can track the milestones for 2.0 release here: 


  •  Personally, I’d like to try to clean up the Future Release abyss, but that’s another discussion all together.
  • Officially retiring old bbPress and the old bp-forums component; Rewrite Rules; and incorporating a plugin of mine to move profile field visability into the Settings component.
  • I hope we’re able to concentrate heavily on moderation and administration functionalities, including integrating more things into wp-admin where it makes sense. Plus, I’d really like to talk about what a default media / photo album experience looks like, which I know imathfromparis has mentioned recently too.
  • I plan on dedicating more attention to 2.0 than any release in my recent history, so know that I’d like to around and available and a resource for any questions, tickets, ideas, thoughts, the entire cycle.


  • I’m teaming up with Brajesh Singh (of buddydev fame) to work on overhauling the current implementation of xprofile field types. Core has hardcoded pieces of validation and field templating littered throughout itself, and that makes it hard for plugins and themes to add new profile field types. We’re planning to make all this much more sane, and give the power to plugin developers to add bespoke field types. At the very least, we plan to put together a demo plugin alongside these changes to show people how new field types can be added, and I’d like to see if we can find one or two new profile fields which would make a nice addition to core.


  • My primary interest for 2.0 is in the activity component
  • Getting last_activity out of there will greatly increase the efficiency of our members queries. Splitting the query will allow us to scale much better with millions of items
  • Begin to implement object caching for certain parts of the activity component, with an eye toward better caching throughout BP
  • Helping along karmatosed’s template project
  • Helping the CPT/activity ticket that’s been in the works for a long time
  • Lurk and commit other people’s patches. Want to give fast feedback to new contributors.


  • Media is a great challenge. I have some ideas about it, mainly around the concept of attachment for other components
  • I also like the idea of having a way to manage user profile fields in the admin
  • Explore a couple ideas around activity, like using heartbeat
  • I think we should also do something for CPT and activity
  • I like to find ways to make the site tracking component more popular
  • I think about listing the registrations and give the ability to manage them
  • Group extension management in the Group Administration screen


  • Like boonebgorges, I want to make sure our object caching is up to speed. We’ve attempted in various releases to add in object caching where appropriate, but actual production environments are having trouble with cache invalidation especially when logged-in.
  • I’m also interested in the rewrite rules ticket that JJJ is tasked with. Was playing around with that on a recent project and it’s peeked my curiousity.


  • I would like to see a (template) sprint. Set a time of 2 weeks and get it prototyped. Call for more hands including core (huge thanks for offers said here). If we keep it small and get this minimal roadmap I think we could do it. Also a freeze – no new stuff.
  • The key to this is cut out the extra stuff. We may drop the side menu.. we may cull other things. The idea is we can refine this over time once have something or even over releases to add bells and whistles. We need to be mean in what is in and out. We also need to kill that long ticket and get it into sections or something that is more manageable :)


  • Codex has a stage two fleshed out with various tasks that must be addressed.
  • Primary amongst those is continuing to edit and update articles – now also with a view to checking for conformance to 1.9 stream retiring any specific to earlier iterations.
  • We have some re-factoring to address changing ‘getting started’ to be a ‘users manual’ and starting a general BP Glossary
  • Mercime is tackling translation issues
  • Lastly we need to follow up and complete the layout re-factoring and menuing where required and will need to speak with core devs with suitable access to these areas, also we need to address a few tickets in trac.

*If you missed the dev chat you view the irc log here:

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We’re postponing tomorrow’s dev chat 2nd January due…

We’re postponing tomorrow’s dev chat (2nd January) due to holidays. Back as usual on 9th January.


Notes from today’s dev chat * Congrats all…

Notes from today’s dev chat:

  • Congrats all around.
  • Everyone is keeping an eye on trac and the support forums for blockers.
  • Codex team wants better codex architecture. One is in the works using a post type and taxonomies;
  • Core team taking next week off from dev chat. Will resume on October 5.
  • Codex team is still free to wrangle each other together to meet.


Minutes of November 3rd dev chat: BuddyP…

Minutes of November 3rd dev chat:

BuddyPress1.2.7 release out towards the end of next week to fix a few important bugs that have been found in 1.2.6 (#2203, #2699 and #2685).

BuddyPress 1.3 roadmap items assigned to core devs, except basic profile privacy which is to be reviewed in a couple of weeks. A few new smallish features have been added, and we’ll post links to the relevant trac tickets as-and-when here.

Finally, we decided that dev chats will now happen every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC.

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Minutes BuddyPress 1.2.6 release Ticket …


BuddyPress 1.2.6 release
Ticket 2587 is the only blocker. 1.2.6 is likely to be released by the end of this week.
A lot of key internal functions regarding the permalinks and active components have been changed, and we’d like any more feedback from tests of non-standard installations, such as deactivating components and turning things on and off.

Release cycles
Future releases will have an improved, more predictable release schedule, such as how the core WordPress team handles releases. BuddyPress’ core dev team and contributors will be considering this when 1.2.6 is shipped and work starts on 1.3, probably in the next couple of dev chats.
Boone has been continuing to improve the website; check out the cool ‘topics I started’ page. More is on the way, and as always, volunteers are welcome to help improve the Codex: see this discussion for more details.

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Summary of 22nd September Dev Chat

Minutes & BuddyPress Codex updates
Boone reported that he will soon be adding a “My Topics” tab to the Support forum view (showing both replied to and started topics) on, pending further testing. The aim is to improve usability.

Mercime and Boone have also begun to implement big changes to the codex. If you visit the codex, you’ll notice that there has been some reorganisation. They are moving over some of the content that mercime created from scratch in his wiki mockup but it would be nice if others would pitch in and fill in some of the gap.

BuddyPress 1.2.6
As we’ve fixed a lot of important issues in this upcoming release, they need to be tested thoroughly to ensure a solid release. We encourage everyone who wants to help speed up the release by testing the latest 1.2 branch version of BuddyPress; we’d particularly welcome any feedback around the activity stream.
Remember that always runs the latest development version, so to avoid updating your live site, you can help by testing on there.


Summary of 8th September Dev Chat


bbPress-BuddyPress feature discussion
John James Jacoby, who is also a lead developer of bbPress, says that from BuddyPress’ perspective, it should be a graceful transition to the upcoming version of bbPress. The plan is for no existing features to be removed, but instead of being bundled with BuddyPress, users will be directed to to install it.
Importantly, BuddyPress’ forums component will be rewritten to abstract it away from being bbPress-specific, so that support can be added to BuddyPress for other forum systems.

Google Summer of Code
BuddyPress had three projects in this year’s Google Summer of Code:

All the projects are great, so we recommend that you check them out.

Custom Post Types
Custom post types will come to BuddyPress 1.4, as previously planned.

BuddyPress 1.2.6
There are only a few tickets left. Due to changes in some essential core functions, we will be making available a release candidate soon so that more testing can be carried out.

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