BP Dev-Chat Summary : August 17, 2022

11.0.0 updates

  • #7228: using PHP Code Standards linter, @espellcaste plans to commit the code he worked on from this PR soon.
  • He also requested feedbacks about this BP REST API issue, @im4th brought his!
  • @im4th reminded the team about latest improvements about our PHPUnit tests suite.
  • #8722: @im4th started working on the Activity templates and JavaScript for the BP reNouveau template pack. He’ll need to find a « no-jQuery » way to deal with live date and time updates as well as activity heartbeat refresh. He also decided this new template pack will have a dependency to the BP Attachments plugin to deal with profile and cover image features.
  • The BP Attachments plugin now includes blocks for the Post Block Editor as well as the coming Activity Block Editor.
  • #8693: site membership issue on Multisite configs. @dcavins is confident it will be pretty straightforward to fix.
  • @dcavins will deal with #8713 to bring type meta to types registered using code.

11.0.0 schedule reminder

  • First beta: October 19, 2022.
  • Release: December 14, 2022.

Next Dev-Chat

It will happen on September 7 at 19:30 UTC in #BuddyPress. If you have specific points you want to discuss about, don’t hesitate to share them in comments.

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