Dev Chat Summary for January 14, 2014

Trac Tickets

#6119: Imports cause PHP Warnings in bp_blogs_format_activity_action_new_blog_post

  • @im4th requested feedback on patch to fix the PHP warnings which show up during a WP import which includes a post with no title.
  • Update: Patch has been committed to core. This will be included in BP RC 1.

#5509: invites-loop template re-factoring

  • @rayisme mentioned that he was going bring in the template improvements which @hnla and @dcavins were working for beta 2.
  • Update: Patch has been committed to core and included in BP 2.2 beta 2 release.

#6122: BP JS whats-new-options animation cuts of larger child elements

  • @hnla brought up the animation issues with the status update form.
  • Update: Ticket has been moved to BP 2.3 for additional discussion and testing.

#6214: TwentyFifteen BP Companion Stylesheet

  • @hnla raised the issue about how BuddyPress components were being rendered in the Twenty Fifteen default theme, “We have some issues in other themes, but in terms of the twenty* themes this is worst rendering of BP we’ve seen.” He brought up his previous suggestion about adding a minor companion sheet enqueued on basis of a theme slug check. I mentioned that while we provide minimal styles to allow theme styles to prevail, we need to set the styles to control the look of the BP elements in the case of the Twenty Fifteen theme (looks bad).
  • @boonebgorges approved the proposal to create this ticket and start work on a BP-specific stylesheet for the Twenty Fifteen theme. His advice was to “think about pushing fixes ‘upstream’ as much as possible (and to) always be thinking about whether a given change is appropriate for buddypress.css itself.”
  • @djpaulgibbs mentioned that there were a couple of contributors who spoke to him and JJJ at WCSF 2014 and wanted to contribute to BuddyPress in a design capacity. They have been preparing BP-specific stylesheets for the Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen themes.
  • Update: Ticket has been moved to BP 2.3.

BuddyPress 2.2 Beta 2

  • @johnjamesjacoby announced that he would be releasing BP 2.2 beta 2 later that. @rayisme reported that there were only a couple of forum posts reported on bugs found in beta 1.
  • BP 2.2 RC 1 may be released this week.
  • Target date for BP 2.2 stable release is January 27th/28th :).
  • Update: BP 2.2 beta 2 has been released. Feedback and testing welcome.
  • Update 2: Tickets closed to date – 143 Tickets and counting.

Slack log

12/24/14 –

#5509, #6119, #6122, #6214, #dev-chat