August 18 Dev-Chat summary & September 1st Dev-Chat agenda

Hi everyone, sorry, once again, this summary is published quite late.

August 18 Dev-Chat summary

9.1.1 Security release

@im4th explained the work @dcavins, @johnjamesjacoby and him did about the security fix that was ported back to previous BuddyPress branches (from 9.0 to 2.9): 8 released were packaged in a night. Many thanks to David & John for their help during this amazing night!


  • @sbrajesh informed us he needed some more time to finish the first version of the BP relationships API.
  • We’ve been talking about the Group hierarchy as a possible feature for 10.0.0 @dcavins informed he had previously worked into this area from a custom plugin.
  • The first beta of 10.0.0 should happen on November 20. Target date for the final release is December ~24 🎅🏼

Open floor

  • We’ve been talking about the opportunity to move the dev-chat time but we will finally keep on meeting every other Wednesday at 19:30 UTC. Although it’s very late for @vapvarun & @sbrajesh, they are young enough 👶🏽👶🏾👶🏻 to handle it. Many thanks to them 🤝

September 1st Dev-Chat Agenda

  • Progress about 10.0.0 features.
  • News about the BP Rewrites feature as a plugin.

It will happen later today at 19:30 UTC and of course in #BuddyPress.

If you have specific/additional points you need to discuss about, please share them into the comments area of this post.

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