Happy #weekly-updates, everyone. If you…

Happy #weekly-updates, everyone. If you haven’t read @karmatosed‘s posts on the state of the template pack, or @boonebgorges performance improvement numbers, go do that. Both are must-reads.

Beta 2 will be arriving this week. If you’ve contributed to the project this last week, thanks so much — share here what you did. 🙂

The state of the template pack

As most know by now, the template pack isn’t going to be part of 2.0. Whilst this is a little sad, it’s for the best. It wasn’t ready and there is no point releasing something that isn’t going to be amazing.

That all said, the focus for the template pack should move onto 2.1. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about this and plan on during April to do something a little different. I will personally work on a fork experimenting with some layouts and interfaces. I feel the project was the casualty of both taking a long time and momentum. I want to take stock and create a fork to play with ‘what could be’.

This will be a short time and will be an attempt to be more brave about this project. The aim is to push and come up with a solution for the navigation and other areas we had to settle for. It won’t be to commit it all, I will post what I create to get feedback and opinions. I think at this stage the project needs this singular focus and experimentation just for a few short weeks.

I will be doing this all on a Github branch called lab on the project here:

Perhaps one of the biggest areas that will need hands come the push into 2.1 will be the messages area. I am keen we work on the layout we dropped due to issues. I am optimistic with renewed strength and new development hands we can deal with this. I think this is something we shouldn’t settle for not doing.

Whilst it’s disheartening when we don’t reach a goal, I feel that this template pack will be stronger for this process. Those that have worked on it, thank you. Those that want to work on it for 2.1 – yay thank you and welcome.

As far as ‘what happens next’ goes. I think in a few weeks I will post a summary of my experimentation. We still have the Github project, that won’t go away. Anyone is welcome to work on anything there and test, refine in meantime. We will after that look at the next steps. I’m very keen we get this early into core during 2.1.


#weekly-updates for the week of…

#weekly-updates for the week of 31st March. Remember for this week’s dev chat, the time moved to 19:00 UTC (back one hour from what it was before, because of DST).

What’s everyone been up to?


#weekly-updates thread for the week…

#weekly-updates thread for the week of March 24th. What’s been happening in BuddyPress land, contributors?


#weekly-updates thread for the week…

#weekly-updates thread for the week of March 10th. If you’ve been contributing to BuddyPress this last week, please leave an update here with what you worked on and how it’s going, and if/what help you need.

You should go read @boonebgorgesmetadata changes post if you haven’t already, and rejoice in the news that the *.BuddyPress.org themes have been open sourced.

Fact of the day: eight years ago today marks the date when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter attained Martian orbit. It’s still out there today, doing wonderful Marsy things.

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Opening the #weekly-updates thread for…

Opening the #weekly-updates thread for a brand new week; I hope yours has started off well. New to these?

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#weekly-updates time! As I write,…

#weekly-updates time! As I write, it’s only about 303 days to Christmas, and about 30 days until the scheduled date for 2.0 beta 1. For people who are contributing towards specific tickets for 2.0, how are they going? Please post a status update here prior to Wednesday’s dev chat. Thanks!

#5220, #5374

Once upon a time, we…

Once upon a time, we had #agenda posts going up once a week before the dev chat. They kind of died out when we switched the frequency and time of the dev chats around, but now that we seem to be on a bit of a roll again, I’d like to suggest we try something similar.

The goal is to put individual updates in a more visible place (finding the IRC logs is kinda tricky) and, by moving a lot of the updates to this site, to free up more time in the dev chats to give everyone more time to talk to each other synchronously and ask questions. If a feature developer has other time commitments for a particular meeting, moving the updates to the bpdevel site will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to read an update from them. Let’s see how this works for a couple of weeks, and we can make changes as necessary.

I’ll publish a #weekly-updates post on this site every week, and for everyone who’s contributing to a ticket, please leave a comment on that week’s update post with a summary of you’ve done. As a prompt when writing these: tell everyone what you contributed to last week, and what you’re aiming to do this/next week.

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Let’s try something new each Wednesday would people…

Let’s try something new; each Wednesday, would people leading on a headline feature for 1.8 please publish a brief progress update to the weekly update post.

Doesn’t matter when on Wednesday, as long as it’s still Wednesday wherever you are 🙂

I’m hoping this will increase visibility of things that are in development, as it’s hard for someone not going to the dev chats or reading the IRC logs to find out the current status of a particular feature, and in turn help us keep 1.8 on schedule.

I’ll post mine later to kick things off!